Sunday, September 2, 2012

August- A Blur!

So this year has been the worst year for blogging.  Like really bad.  I don't know what happened this year!  So annoying.  Well- I am going to try and recap the last four weeks or so with a few pictures.

My sister, Laura, moved in with us at the beginning of August.  We are thrilled to have her here.  Our parents and sister Charnae brought her down.  We had a grand 5 days with everybody.

We went to a cemetery to visit the headstones of some dear family friends.

When we get together, we get to be the silly sisters.  We had fun eating all of the fake food at RC Willy while we looked at furniture.

Off to lunch.  We wanted to get into one vehicle so all the visitors squished into the back of Harrison's car.

Dad decided to rent a car to practice his "spirited driving" and so there would be room for everyone.

 We got to visit the Hoover Dam bypass bridge and we actually walked across it this time.  So majestic.

Wile we were all together, we made cupcakes and celebrated Kinley's one month birthday.  We sent her mommy and daddy these pics.

We ate a lot of food.  A lot of food!  One of the best meals was CRAB at Outback!  Charnae and I could probably eat our weight in crab if we could!

The day that everybody went home the air conditioning went out.  It died and went to heaven... during a heatwave.  Doesn't it always happen like that?  Well- it was getting to be about 112 degrees outside and the temperature inside kept going up and up.  At one point it was 99 degrees INSIDE THE HOUSE!

So we packed an overnight bag and we stayed in a hotel for a few nights until we could get a new air conditioning unit installed.  It was nice to have breakfast made every morning and the beds made by somebody else for a few days.  AND- we could turn the air down to like 68 degrees!!!

I went to the Dr to try and figure out some stuff.  I was being tested for a few different blood disorders and possible Lupus.  Good news- all tests came back normal.  Bad news- we still don't have answers.  No worries though- I am feeling fine and my symptoms are nothing to be alarmed about.  I love this dr's office.  How did they know I love the Dallas Cowboys so much!?

Laura and I took a trip with the Young Women in our ward to Brigham City, Utah to go to the LDS temple open house.  It was a fun road trip and a great experience.

We also took a mini temple square trip and we got to see KINLEY!!!  It was such a fun visit!  Toby and Nicole met us at Temple Square and we spent about an hour with each other.  It was so good to see that beautiful baby girl!  She is still really long and she had lots of funny faces to show us!

 Our Utah trip was really fun.

We had a fun missionary dinner.  The Las Vegas mission is short missionaries right now, so they are using Elders that have been called to missions but have not reported yet to fill in the gaps.  It just so happens that the missionary assigned to our ward needed a helper missionary.  We had them over for dinner and realized that we knew Elder Gardner.  I used to babysit him and Laura used to have preschool with him!  It was great to catch up.  Elder Gardner is going to be a great missionary when he reports to Guam in November.

Last week we started to put together Harrison's new office!  Yes- that's right.  Harrison has a new office.  His official office!  We signed a lease out at the Kayenta Therapy Group in Summerlin.

The first picture of Harrison in his official therapy chair in his official office in his official job!

It has been a fast month.  I always say that I will do better at updating this thing... and I hope that is true.  I really need to make it part of my routine again.

Love yall!