Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Harrison

Since today is Harrison's 28th birthday, I thought I would share with you 28 things that I love about my main squeeze (in no particular order):

1. He gives good hugs
2. He lets me sleep all crazy like and doesn't really complain
3. He is tall
4. He is super smart
5. He plays the guitar
6. He is always helping me to be a better person
7. He turns his socks right side out before putting them into the dirty clothes
8. He is willing to go on adventures
9. He loves me
10. He can reach up high on the refrigerator and get things that I can't reach
11. He has beautiful blue eyes
12. He puts things back where they go
13. He will rub my head when I have a migraine
14. He will sing to me
15. He honors his priesthood
16. He rocks his beard like nobody else can
17. He will sing a silly song at the top of his lungs with me in the car
18. He is not afraid to tell me things
19. He respects me
20. He loves his mother
21. He will watch Legally Blond with me (and willingly too)
22. He has wonderful taste in shoes
23. He can fix things
24. He loves football
25. He loves the beach just as much as I do
26. He looks smokin' hot in his Sunday clothes (what?! He does!)
27. He is super responsible
28. He is the love of my life!

Happy 28th Birthday my love. I love you more and more everyday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remodel Part 1

So, this is our living room.... minus furniture and new window treatments. I took a photo with the flash and without. We are kind of enjoying this whole "do it yourself" home improvement stuff. The before photo of this room is a few posts below (click here). More photos to come soon! YAY.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well folks... just thought I should update you on the status of our existence. We made a flying trip to SLC/Provo last weekend to go and retrieve our stuff out of storage. It has been in storage since April! It was a fast trip but all went smoothly. We had the help of Gary, Nick, and Frank! Thanks you guys! We appreciate it. I listened to the book A Clockwork Orange in the truck on the way there and back... VERY good read. I loved it.

We arrived in Las Vegas and Harrison had quite a few people from our new ward that were there to help unload our truck. YAY. I was late getting back to Las Vegas, but I was so happy to see all of our stuff in the house.

We have been unpacking and Harrison has been fixing little things here and there to get the house functioning smoothly. I am so happy to have OUR stuff back and especially MY washer and dryer. HA.

The cats are adapting well and I really think they LOVE the open spaces at the new house. Quite a space change from a small cracker jack apartment to a 2 story abode.

We are anxious to have visitors, so please come and see us. We have plenty of space and plenty of bathrooms :)



Friday, January 1, 2010

At Long Last

Well suckas, after six months of jumping through hoops and keeping meticulous track of all of our income and bills and submitting all of that to total strangers. And then waiting patiently for lazy a corporate fatcats to sign simple paperwork, we have a house.
It has been a long wait and there have been many visits to Lowe's and Home Depot leaving empty handed because we were unsure of when we would get the place. Now we can finally get our plans started.

Here is the place:

It is a 3 bd 2.5 bath place in Green Valley near Pecos and Robindale. Look it up if you want. We are getting all our projects in line to improve the place. We have started painting and we are going to do some carpet and bamboo floors. And the other stuff will come little by little.

So we want to publicly declare: The visits to Las Vegas can begin. We would love to have you come and visit us. We have an extra queen bed and a twin bed, plus a queen size aero-bed so we have the room. Plus Las Vegas is a fun place, there is plenty to do even if you don't like to gamble. Just send us an email to let us know.

If you are in the area too we will be picking up our stuff in Orem on Saturday Jan 9 with a 26 foot truck and bringing it to Henderson the same day. Feel free to come help if you can :)

So After all the ordeals I have a list of blessings and curses to give:

-Our wonderful realtor: Megan Nelson of Century 21 Moneyworld-call her if you want to buy in Las Vegas or Henderson she is the best.
-The second mortgage company and mortgage team, Norbert Gyorfi and his staff at Mountain View Mortgage, that jumped through hoops for us to be able to purchase this place. Call him if you want to get a loan in Las Vegas or Henderson.

-All banks that own these foreclosed homes. We put in around 20 offers when all was said and done. We had been under contract with another home only to walk away after no progress for two months. Then we got under contract with this house and the bank moved like molasses in winter to get every tiny step done.
-Our old mortgage company Nevada Federal Credit Union that nearly put a death sentence on this home as well. Luckily we were able to salvage the deal with Norbert and his team.