Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crouching Tiger Hidden Jaala

Last night I took my co-worker's daughter, Ellie, to a show here in Provo. One of mine and Harrison's favorite Indie singers, John Vanderslice, came to Provo and I didn't want to miss it.

The Morning Benders were the opening band.... meh... they were alright. Not my favorite though.

But then John came out and rocked it! I love him. I knew most of the music this time too. I had to try and squeeze my way through the crowd to get photos (hence this blog post title. I wasn't trying to hide from the band, but just trying to get a good shot)

John has a good memory. He remembered me from the last couple of shows here in Utah. He asked where Harrison was... I was surprised at his memory! He re-signed my t-shirt I got at his last show. I wear it so often, his signature is fading. I was also able to get one of his set lists and have him sign that as well.

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma Great

While my family was here for Memorial Day weekend, we went to the park in Brigham City to have a small family reunion. My Great Grandmother (whom we have always referred to as Grandma Great) turned 92 that weekend. Here are a few photos of us singing to her. She was delighted to have so many members of her family around.

It was the first time some of my family had seen my Grandmother in a few years so it was good to get to talk with her. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

Brok was telling Grandma about playing baseball this year (Grandma Great used to be a pretty good softball player in her day)

These photos of little Zoe talking with Grandma were so cute. I just had to post them. She was very excited to talk with her Great Grandmother.

We were able to get a few family photos with Grandma. I was glad we were able to do this.

This is me and some of my family
(my 2 other brothers and their ladies were not able to make the picnic)

Jen and Dave and their children (minus their two oldest girls)

My Great Grandmother, Grandpa and Grammy, Mommy, and two Aunties (Dixie and Jen)

One of the cousins (I don't remember which one) brought their cute bunny to the park. Westley fell in love with it.

This is my dad having a laugh with my Grandpa and his brother and wife.

My Mommy and her Mommy

At least we know that my sisters love my dad

... and last but not least, the only picture, besides a couple with my Grandmother, of me on this weekend trip. It is hard work to be the photographer.

I'm thankful for my family and for the opportunity I had to spend the weekend with them! Hooray!

Crazy Cousins

So the little boys had a good time with their cousins. Some of these photos are really cute. Laura took most of them. She wanted to play with the camera.

Texting Twins

I am not much older than my sisters (Charnae is 20 and Laura is 16) but there is a definite difference when it comes to the cell phone. Don't get me wrong, I love my phone and it is attached to me at all times (though Harrison would beg to differ since I always seem to be away from it when he calls), but my sisters are CONSTANTLY texting! I mean, a text comes through every 2 minutes... it's true... I timed it.

These photos are real and not posed. They were really texting while standing next to each other (I wonder if they were texting each other... ha). It was hilarious to me!

Let's Go Fly A Kite

For years now my dad has been trying to find a kite to fly with the kids. We have gone through countless kites over the years and never had any that were very fun or that lasted a long time. Until now it seems. While my parents were visiting Utah for Memorial Day, they stopped off at a specialty toy store in Provo and found a parachute like kite to try out. We see these kites a lot at the beach. It worked... we had a lot of fun flying it and watching it in the field across the street from our hotel in Logan, UT.

Brok really enjoyed flying the kite. He was really good at it too.

We had a lot of fun watching the kite. It was able to dive and fly really high. I never thought I would have so much fun watching a kite for 2 hours.

Laura's turn to send the kite up into the air. I was surprised at how many shots I was able to get of her sending it up.

I adore my little brother Westley. He was having so much fun in the field. He was running and jumping around. He would gather up all the dandelions and use them for "ammo". He had a small stick that was used for a "lighter" and he pretended to blow things up. He would count down and we all had to play along.

Counting down.... FIVE......

Here are all the kids pretending to prepare themselves for the blow!

(but you can see from his face that he didn't say boom... he made a sound of blowing things up that only boys can make)

Here he is trying to blow Laura up (can you see the dandelions in her hood?). Charnae looks worried but Laura just looks annoyed. HA