Friday, May 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday- on Friday

Some thoughts about what I am thankful for:

My right arm was sunburned quite nicely on our temple walk last weekend.  I have been thankful for lotion to apply to my burned and dry body.  Especially living in the hot and dry Vegas weather.

Surprise Thunderstorms
We had one a couple of days ago.  Harrison and I were sitting in the living room and we heard a rumble.  I asked what the sound was and Harrison thought thunder.  I didn't see or hear about any rain in the weather forecast... but sure enough... when we went outside and there was amazing lightning and thunder outside.  We sat and watched it and the rain that fell for about 10 minutes.  It was gone as quickly as it came.

The Car Wash
I had my oil changed last week and I received a month's worth of free car washes!  I can get my car washed every day for a month!  How cool is that!?  It has been very nice to just roll through and have a sparkling clean truck every single evening!

I hope you find things that you are thankful for this week.  Post a comment and let me know what you are thankful for!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spiritual Thought Sunday

My thought really comes from Saturday and not Sunday... but what is a matter of 24 hours??  Yesterday our Young Women walked from our neighborhood in Henderson to the LDS Temple in Las Vegas.  It was a distance of almost 14 miles.  Yes- they walked almost 14 miles in the Las Vegas desert in May.  Not an easy thing!

Over the last few weeks the girls and leaders have been doing some genealogy to try to find an ancestor that needed to have their temple work done.  The girls would take those names and "walk for them" to the temple.  The girls took this very seriously.  They dedicated so much time and effort into finding those names.

The girls started at 7am.  I met them at a park for lunch and walked with them the rest of the way.  The girls had already walked so far when I met them.  I just cried when they came skipping down the street towards the park.

There was not one work of complaint.  Nobody was in a bad mood or critical of one another.  This was amazing to me!  10 teenage girls and not one complaint!?  AMAZING!

We walked to the chapel right next to the temple and changed into our church clothes.  We then walked next door to the temple and did a session of Baptisms for the Dead.  What a great thing.  We were able to do the baptisms and confirmations of those names that the girls had searched out and had prepared to do this great work.

There was such a special spirit there.  Our Heavenly Father poured out blessings upon us that day.  His spirit was with us the entire day.

I am thankful for the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I have.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the full and true gospel of Jesus Christ here on the Earth.  I am thankful for His guidance and His love that I feel in my life each and everyday.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Well- I haven't blogged since my mini meltdown.  I needed a break from a lot of things to regroup and get a better perspective on life.  I am ready to post about another wonderful Thankful Thursday:

Did you know that I have a very cute niece named Noellee.  She is my brother's daughter.  My brother and his family came and stayed with us last Sunday on their way through to their new home in Bakersfield, California.  Noelle is full of personality and her facial expressions are HILARIOUS!  We went out to dinner and fed her lemons!

The Book of Mormon
I have received so many answers to prayers while reading this amazing book.  I have had fears dissolved, inspiration, and anxiety taken away.  I truly believe that this book is the most correct and true book on the face of the Earth.  If you want to know more about what I believe- click here or here or just ask me!

Pay Day
Sometimes knowing there is a new paycheck in the bank, some of my worldly worries just go away!

I just went and got my stash of cleanser and eye primer and mascara.  I love love love this brand.  My skin loves it so much and the price is right!  It really is just all around fab stuff.

I hope you have something that you are thankful for!  Love to y'all!