Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spiritual Thought Sunday

My thought really comes from Saturday and not Sunday... but what is a matter of 24 hours??  Yesterday our Young Women walked from our neighborhood in Henderson to the LDS Temple in Las Vegas.  It was a distance of almost 14 miles.  Yes- they walked almost 14 miles in the Las Vegas desert in May.  Not an easy thing!

Over the last few weeks the girls and leaders have been doing some genealogy to try to find an ancestor that needed to have their temple work done.  The girls would take those names and "walk for them" to the temple.  The girls took this very seriously.  They dedicated so much time and effort into finding those names.

The girls started at 7am.  I met them at a park for lunch and walked with them the rest of the way.  The girls had already walked so far when I met them.  I just cried when they came skipping down the street towards the park.

There was not one work of complaint.  Nobody was in a bad mood or critical of one another.  This was amazing to me!  10 teenage girls and not one complaint!?  AMAZING!

We walked to the chapel right next to the temple and changed into our church clothes.  We then walked next door to the temple and did a session of Baptisms for the Dead.  What a great thing.  We were able to do the baptisms and confirmations of those names that the girls had searched out and had prepared to do this great work.

There was such a special spirit there.  Our Heavenly Father poured out blessings upon us that day.  His spirit was with us the entire day.

I am thankful for the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I have.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the full and true gospel of Jesus Christ here on the Earth.  I am thankful for His guidance and His love that I feel in my life each and everyday.

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