Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drastic Times Drastic Measures

Well folks, Harrison here. I know I have never officially written on this blog but dire times are upon us. Jaala hasn't written in a month and that was about convention which happened in October. So here are a few updates from my point of view.
#1 Thanksgiving
We went to Gj (of course) and spent time with both of our families. The dinner we attended was at my Grandma's house and it was quite delicious.

Here you see Dennis and Jeremy taking a seat in the den to get their grindage on.

During dinner the kids were entertained by the dogs that were stuck outside and I took the opportunity to take a couple of good photos:

After dinner we gathered the whole fam-damily together to document that we had all actually been present.

Of course we couldn't get everyone to look at the same time so I just picked the photo that Jaala and I look the best in. Jaala had on her Cowboys shirt so she could root for them in their annual thanksgiving game.

When they were packing to come Eli wanted Joy to be sure to pack his spiderman suit. It was a good thing she did because Erin (Tori's daughter) has one of her very own and the two of them donned their respective outfits to play together the day after Thanksgiving

After that not mush else happened until Christmas. Which of course will be mentioned in another entry (which I very well may create). Until then, be well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Convention... Party like a Rockstar!

Convention is a bittersweet animal. It is SUPER stressful but oh so rewarding. The prep for the entire thing is exhausting. This year's theme was ROCKSTAR. I was in charge of Reserved Seating and our founders' schedules. The week of convention I worked 100 hours from Monday to Saturday. Oh brother!

My roommate was Jane. We work in the same department and I heart her! We get along so well. We had lots of "Ren and Stimpy" moments during our week!

Me and Jane

See the Salt Lake temple in the background? It was my "beacon of light during that tumultuous time". Like my SMUCKERS sweatshirt!? Awesome!

So these are photos of my "job". I had to make sure everybody had their names on their seats complete with programs and bottled water. The task took about 4-5 hours everyday (for set up and touch up before the big general sessions).

This is Jane and I eating the convention food. We went hungry most days because the food was pretty much elementary school cafeteria food. YUCK!

The Goo Goo Dolls Concert! YIPPEE

So, the Goo Goo Dolls were our big name entertainment this year. The concert was awesome and since I doubled as security this night... I had amazing seats. Just check them out!

Were the overtime hours worth it? Of course! I had a blast. I can't wait until next year! Next years convention will be in LA, California! I am super stoked for it.

The Wedding, The Receptions, and The After Party!

Jordan and Robyn were married on October 18, 2008 in Dallas, Texas. We all had such a good time. Harrison and I absolutely loved the city of Dallas. We definitely want to go back to visit!

The day before the wedding, Robyn went through the temple to receive her endowment. The weather was beautiful the entire weekend.

This photo says it all... What are the parents thinking??? Dennis looks freaked out for sure! Maybe he just can't believe that Jordan is FINALLY going to move out of his house! HA HA

We ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant for the "rehearsal" dinner. We had a good time eating and having a "Roast" for Robyn and Jordan. They were good sports while we told embarrassing stories about those two!

Nick was THIS excited about dinner! I don't blame him! We had to sit and wait for everybody to arrive for a LONG TIME!

I don't really know about the face I am making right here... pretty weird. But the food was amazing!

Our beautiful niece Gabby was such a good girl the entire weekend! We love her so much!

Well, this is one of the last moments of freedom for Jordan and Robyn! From the looks of this picture, Jordan looks a lot happier about the whole thing than Robyn! hee hee

The Dallas LDS temple was beautiful. We snapped some photos of the family before we headed out.

We are pleased to present to you Mr and Mrs Jordan Allen! Yippee!

This is a picture of the Allen brothers FLAPPING. What is flapping you ask? Well, when these boys get excited they rub their hands together in excitement. They all do it! It is super funny. But, at least you can always tell when they are excited about something.

The first reception was in Robyn's home town of Marshall, Texas. The decorations were super cute. They also had a ring ceremony for all of those who were not able to make the temple ceremony in Dallas.

The cutting of the cake! Always a fun event!

The second reception was in Grand Junction at Grandma's house. Kay decorated the house so beautifully! I was not able to attend this Open House because I was at convention (I'll post about that later) but I sure wish I was there!
My family attended the open house in GJ. My mom was so nice and helped in the kitchen. It looks like Westley dressed himself for the occasion (nice stripe on stripe action). Gotta love the little boys!
Brok looks like he is having a ton of fun.


After the reception, everybody who was anybody headed over to Dennis and Kay's house for the after party consisting of ROCK BAND! It looks like they had so much fun!

The wedding and parties were a good time had by all. We are so happy for Jordan and Robyn. We are proud of them for making the decision to be married in the temple.

Phew... no more weddings for Harrison's family! They are all done!

I know... I am lame! Finally a post!

Well, it has been like 5 weeks and I decided to update the ol' blog. I have had a few people email or ask me about why the heck it has been so long. Life has been crazy around here. My emotional and mental state has been on a roller coaster. But... get ready. I am about to put you through a post hurricaine. I am going to separate the posts up but get them all in here!