Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drastic Times Drastic Measures

Well folks, Harrison here. I know I have never officially written on this blog but dire times are upon us. Jaala hasn't written in a month and that was about convention which happened in October. So here are a few updates from my point of view.
#1 Thanksgiving
We went to Gj (of course) and spent time with both of our families. The dinner we attended was at my Grandma's house and it was quite delicious.

Here you see Dennis and Jeremy taking a seat in the den to get their grindage on.

During dinner the kids were entertained by the dogs that were stuck outside and I took the opportunity to take a couple of good photos:

After dinner we gathered the whole fam-damily together to document that we had all actually been present.

Of course we couldn't get everyone to look at the same time so I just picked the photo that Jaala and I look the best in. Jaala had on her Cowboys shirt so she could root for them in their annual thanksgiving game.

When they were packing to come Eli wanted Joy to be sure to pack his spiderman suit. It was a good thing she did because Erin (Tori's daughter) has one of her very own and the two of them donned their respective outfits to play together the day after Thanksgiving

After that not mush else happened until Christmas. Which of course will be mentioned in another entry (which I very well may create). Until then, be well.

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