Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What did I BECOME: Saying farewell to 2013

Well my dear friends and family.  I can tell you that I did NOT become a better blogger.  In fact, I became a worse one.  Whoops... sorry about that.  I would like to say that I will be better in 2014, but I really don't know if I will.

Well, let's talk about the last year.  My word for 2013 was BECOME.  Read about it HERE.  This last year has been wonderful.  Seriously.  It has really been wonderful.  I have been reflecting the last week or so on what this word has been for me and what it has meant to me.  I have always had it in the back of my mind.  It has been a driving force for a lot of decisions I have made.  Here is a small list of significant things that I have BECOME in 2014:

1.  A career woman again.  I am so thankful for the choice I made to start my career path at ARIA and with MGM International.  I have had so many opportunities already in my short one year with the company.  I have BECOME what I always knew I could concerning a career path.

2.  Smarter.  I have been challenged in my new job.  I have also made the scary decision to finally go back to school.  I know I haven't actually started yet to gain the smarts... but I actually did it!  Which was pretty smart if you ask me!  I have also just made smarter decisions overall.  I am smarter with my money, my time, and my choice of activities.

3.  Braver.  I am not afraid to share with others what I believe.  I have had  opportunities this past year to share my religious beliefs with others around me.  I have often been very timid to do so in the past.  I made the decision this year to be brave and let people know who I really am and what I really believe and NOT make excuses about it.  It has worked out pretty dang good.  I even have a nickname of sorts around work... I am "MORMAL"... I am Mormon without telling people how awesome being Mormon is every 5 minutes.  But they all definitely know that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that I do think it is awesome.  I have also become braver about letting people know where I stand generally in life.  I don't let others walk over me or manipulate me like they have in the past.  If I have an issue, I let it be known.  If I am asked my opinion, I give it honestly.  Sometimes it is received well and other times it goes over like a ton of bricks.  But at least people know where I stand and how I feel.

4.  Tolerant.  Not that long ago, it would not take a lot to "get me going".  One could get me bent out of shape pretty dang easily.  I was quick to anger and quick to fly off the handle.  I have learned to become tolerant of others.  I remember the day that it happened too!  (**Disclaimer... I am not perfect at this... I am still a work in progress! )  I was on FaceBook (of course) and there was a very ignorant post that was posted by someone very close to me.  The post was just irritating and I could feel my blood starting to boil.  I could not believe that this person, whom I loved so much, would not only believe something like that, but repost it for all of "internet-land" to see!  I was already planning my retort.  I had my hands in the keyboard ready to spout off my "how dare you" and "don't you know what this means" and "if you would seriously just think for one second" replies to this person when something just CLICKED.  It all just didn't matter anymore.  Yes, I was still irritated and even a little angry that this was all over the internet and that somebody that I cared for SO MUCH would believe this way and think this way... but it just didn't matter.  Heavenly Father still loved this person the same whether they posted the link or not.  I should also.  I decided at that moment that I was not going to let "stupid" things get in the way of those that I loved.  I decided to simply hit the hide button and POOF- the post was gone, never to be seen again.  Like it never happened.  I have done this quite a bit since then, and I have found that I really love my friends and family and get along with them so much more since I let the "stupid stuff" go and love them for who they are and just let them be.

I am so thankful for this past year.  I am thankful for the lessons that I have learned and for the things that I was able to BECOME!  Farewell 2013, I loved you so much!  You treated me very well and I am glad you happened!