Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

I am very excited for 2013.  I have a good feeling about it.  As most of you who are reading this know that every year I choose a word that I will carry with me throughout the entire next year. (For earlier examples, click HERE and HERE)  A word that I will encompass all areas of my life.  A positive word.  This is what I do instead of making New Years resolutions.  I find that I never keep them.  They always go to mush in about three weeks.  One single word that I can work on all year is much more manageable and a much better expectation.  I have chosen my word for 2013.

I am excited about the word. I prayed about it.  I thought about it, and I feel that it is the best word for me this year!  

I can do so much with this word.  There are all kinds of things that can BECOME this year.  I can become smarter, become more forgiving, become wiser, become kinder, become calmer, become better, become more talented.  the list can go on and on and on.  

One of the things that helped me come up with this word is those awesome Special K commercials.  You know, the ones where the women step on the scales in Time Square and they are all freaked out because all of Time Square will see their "awful weight"... only to be surprised to see things pop up on the scale like JOY and CONFIDENCE.  The tagline they have chosen is "What will you gain when you loose".  I know they mean this as in losing weight, but those commercials got me thinking.  I love them.  I love the message.  It is not about getting skinny or getting to a society ideal pants size.  They have made it seem so individual.  So.. positive.  So, bravo to the marketing department for coming up with that!  I am totally into it.  ANYWAY- It got me thinking this fall/winter.  What will you gain?  What will I gain?  What will you become?  What will I become?  

I am excited for the things that I know will become different right away.  I am excited to see what my new career will become.  This is in the forefront of my mind, as it seems to be the most important thing to me as of right now.  Can you imagine the possibilities with this word?  So much is in store! 

May 2013 be much better and kinder than 2012.  I think it will... I know it will... I can feel it in my bones!

Now- I couldn't find the specific Special K commercial that I was speaking of, but this one still has the same tagline and the right idea!

So my dear friends, what will you become this year?

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