Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012- Welcome!

Well- we said goodbye to 2011 and we are now welcoming in 2012.  What a wonderful time to be alive.  Its also time for me to choose my resolution word for 2012.  I was down to the wire with my choice.  I had a few words in mind and just as I did last year, I went to my good friend the Thesaurus and plugged in my words to find a common word.  I had words like, improve, lift,  and polish.  Well, none of those seemed to be just quite what I wanted.  But I found a perfect word that had all of these elements in them.  My new mantra for 2012 will be:

Yes, JOURNEY is my new word for 2012.  Journey is a very interesting word.  Journey can mean a trip or vacation... it can also mean a path or a way to something.  It is hard for me to put into exact words what I want Journey to mean in my life for the next year.  But I know that I feel inside what I want it to mean.

A couple of things have been circling in my mind as I have been thinking about this new word to live by.


I want to find joy in my journey this next year.  Whether it be a journey to more intelligence, a journey to a new place, a journey to a new look, or a journey to new surroundings... I want there to be joy along the way.  Harrison and I have been talking about "ENJOYING NOW".  Sometimes we as humans (especially in this age of instant satisfaction and gratification) get caught up with just wanting the end result to happen and bring us joy.  We want the new house NOW... we want the new car NOW... or when I get the new carpet- then I will be happy... or when I get a better job- then I will be happy.  We loose sight of being happy in the moment.  So, this is part of how I want to have joy in my journey.  Finding happiness in getting to the goals.


OK- so I know that this is an album cover for the band Journey, but hear me out!  I do love the band Journey... a lot!  But- the song Don't Stop Believing is actually a very good song.  But I thought about it and it is actually a great metaphor for my mantra this year.  Don't Stop Believing in the Journey and in the goals.  It sounds kind of silly but I think it is kind of awesome!  Do you have the song in your head now??  If not- let me help you out!

Thanks Steve Perry for helping me out with that.  

Well- I am excited to see where my journeys take me and what I will learn along the way.

Have a great 2012 everybody!

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