Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Dirty Thirty Harrison

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Harrison!  He turns 30 today.  I sure love him.  Like a lot!  I am thankful for him!  Here are 30 things I love about him:

1. His eyes
2. His laugh
3. His sense of humor
4. His smarts
5. His height
6. His v-neck shirts
7. His curly hair
8. His endless quotes of Ace Ventura and Willy Wonka
9. His ability to play the cello
10. His honesty
11. The priesthood he honorably holds
12. His knowledge of the Book of Mormon
13. His patience with just about everything
14. His ability to talk me down from preverbal cliffs
15. His relationship with his mother
16. His testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
17. His love of CATS
18. His musical talents
19. His knowledge of just about every single song on the radio (it's amazing)
20. His style
21. His romantic side
22. His ability to speak Portuguese
23. His scalp massages (seriously- they are great)
24. His knowledge of vehicle headlights and tail lights (again, it's amazing!)
25. His dedication to his education
26. His supportive nature
27. His cleanliness (his side of the room is always so neat and orderly)
28. His interest in quilting and sewing
29. His love of celebrity gossip
30. His choice to marry me!

I am thankful for my awesome husband!  Happy Birthday Harrison!  I still can't believe you are so old!

We are going to have fun birthday activities later today and I promise to post pictures about it.

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kay said...

I like him a lot too! I am glad he has a wife who appreciates him.