Monday, January 16, 2012

Can Monday be Fun-Day??

Yesterday afternoon we had our home teachers come over.  I love our home teachers.  They are genuinely nice and I think really concerned for the welfare of our little Allen Family.  The message they brought with them was great.  The lesson came from the First Presidency's Message of Living an Abundant Life.  We talked about the ABC's of living an abundant life.

A- Attitude.  
Attitude really changes everything.  I heard a quote once that said: 

I think this is so true.  If you go into a situation with a  bad attitude... the situation will be nothing but bad. I learned this kind of the hard way.  I had lots of sad and mad feeling in my job for a long time.  But I went into my job with the attitude "This job will never be as good as my last job!" and "These people will never understand me or be as great as my last bunch of co-workers!" 
What an awful way to think.  Well folks can totally read between the lines with an attitude like that... and they did.  I set myself up for failure with my attitude.  And I had WAY too much pride to admit that I was making myself miserable.  It was much easier to blame it on everybody else in my environment.  
The moment I decided to change my attitude, my life got so much easier.  I decided that my workplace was great and the people in it were only trying to do their best.  Instead of going to work with my nose high in the air, I went with a smile on my face and a friendly "Good Morning!"  it did wonders!

So- I thought about this again this morning when I popped my eyes open and realized that it was MONDAY!  Why do we hate Monday's so much?  What did they ever do to us?  Why are we (and I include myself) so mad at Monday for taking away our weekend?  

So- instead of grumbling about MONDAY... I decided that Monday could be Monday- Funday!  Maybe this attitude will make Monday's just as wonderful as Friday.  I feel bad that Friday gets such great attention and we just scoff and yell at Monday!  

B- Believe.  
Believing in yourself and in the plan of our Heavenly Father is one of the most important things in our lives.  If we did not believe that we could do anything... we wouldn't.  We would just sit like lumps of clay doing NOTHING.  When we believe that all things are possible, we take our lumpy-clay-selves and mold ourselves into something great... a wonderful work of art.  Also, if we do not believe that our Heavenly Father will help us through our lives, we will get quite discouraged and our attitudes will turn into negative ones.  

C- Courage.  
Sometimes after we have a good attitude and we believe we can do something... actually DOING it can be scary.  You know, trying a new project, moving to a new place, starting a new job, starting a family.  This is where courage comes in.  We must have the courage to press forward, even though a little voice inside or others on the outside say we can't or we should stop trying!  

I am so thankful to our Home Teachers for coming over and sharing this message.  I have thought about it a lot since last night.

I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to be able to choose my Attitude, Belief, and Courage every single day.  What wonderful lives we have been given.  

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