Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Harrison- Part 2

Harrison's birthday was super fun.  I had to work and Harrison had school, but we found time to do quite a bit to celebrate Harrison's DIRTY THIRTY!

We started the morning by getting some donuts from our favorite donut joint, Ronald's Donuts.  It's a small little place in the middle of Vegas' Chinatown and the donuts are seriously the best EVER!

Our favorite donuts... Harrison: chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing and Jaala: Boston Creme donut.

We had to go to work and school after our yummy late breakfast but we met after for some shooting...

Our American Shooters adventure was fun.  After shooting we ran a couple of errands we went and had Harrison's birthday dinner.  We ate at the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  It was amazing.  How amazing?  Have you ever been somewhere that has a Mac and Cheese Bar?  What!?  Yes- you heard me right.  They had a mac and cheese bar!  We actually got to make our own mac and cheese concoction!  YUM!

Have you ever been to a buffet that has gourmet looking food and CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES??  Also, Harrison got a cake pop which is so hip in my opinion!

Oh- and thanks to our friend Jordan for having dinner with us.  It was his first time to the Cosmopolitan and we were so happy to show him around.

I hope Harrison had a good 30th birthday... he said he did... so I believe him.  

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carey said...

Harrison, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than shooting guns, eating good food, and polishing off some donuts. Good for you, man! When do I get to meet your adorable wife?