Monday, November 28, 2011

Craft Night and other thoughts

I decided I would get some housework done this evening.  It got as far as getting the living room cleaned up.  I have had some company though... 
Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery, Randy Travis, Sammy Kershaw, and Tim McGraw have kept me company on my Garth Brooks Pandora station this evening.  I really like the station!  I think I found the trick to Pandora.  As long as you don't hit "like" or "don't like" the station will play stuff that actually pertains to your station and actual likes.  If you start fine-tuning the station- it starts adding crap into it.
Also, the kitties have been keeping me company.  They are quite happy that we are home I think.  They are both laying next to me and purring away.  They didn't come home for a while last night and today and we thought that they might be in the pound or dead... but they showed their little faces finally.  

So I didn't post about this... but I am now.  On Saturday night we had CRAFT NIGHT!  Girls Only!  It was super fun.  My sisters, mother, and I pulled out the glitter, scissors, paper, and glue and got our creative juices flowing.

It was seriously so much fun.  I think my mom will be vacuuming up glitter for the next month!  It was EVERYWHERE!!!  I am so thankful for family who likes to craft (or doesn't like to craft but does it anyway).

OH- this is a funny video!  My baby sister, Audrey finally recognizes Harrison and I.  She has been pretty afraid of us up until this last trip.  I think it finally clicked in her 2 1/2 year old brain that we were family and not just a couple of weirdos who came to mom's house every now and then.  ANYWAY- one of the nights we were there she was playing and laughing with Harrison.  She decided that Harrison was HER Harrison!

She is a silly girl!  She is growing up with a funny personality.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving Thursday

On the day set aside to reflect on thankfulness- I am indeed thankful for many things.  Harrison and I made the 8 hour trek to Grand Junction to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  We were fortunate enough to have 9 out of 10 kids at home.  It has been a wonderful weekend.  Here are some highlights of my family fun that I am very thankful for!

We had some time to snap a few family photos

We are kind of crazy.  Well- a lot crazy

9 out of 10 kids oldest to youngest (we are missing #2)

Tallest to shortest (I am now 4th in line)

We had lots of food, family, and fun.  We seriously had so much food.  And the PIES.  THE PIES!  We made 8 pies (5 of which were apple) and I have eaten at least an entire apple pie just by myself... and I really don't think that is an exaggeration.

Mom making pie!

Holly and Audrey helping with pie

Pies and pies and pies!

My mom's apple pie is seriously the best in the world.  NO JOKE!

While we baked pies, dad worked on the computer

 Noellee was putting around trying to "help" where she could

Auntie Laura helped Noellee with her hair for pictures

Audrey and Harve loved eating the apple peels with their lunch

Brok couldn't wait to get outside to play some football with the boys

The big (and a couple of little) boys played football outside in the crisp air

My 3 sisters! Laura, Charnae, and Audrey.  I really do love them!

Westley, Jaala, Christian, and Laura

Christian and Jaala making faces

I am so thankful for my family.  We really do love each other.  We all seem to get along (and that is an awesome feat... since there are 10 of us... and a few in-laws too).  

I am thankful for the time I have had with my family this weekend.  The food has been stupendous, the visiting has been stimulating, and the laughing together has been wonderful.  

I am thankful for all that I have.  I am thankful for a vehicle that is reliable enough to get us from Las Vegas to Grand Junction safely and with a heater/air conditioner that works.

I am thankful for my siblings.  I have a special bond with each of them.  I have been able to laugh HARD with my sisters, and cuddle with my younger brothers.  

I am thankful for my parents.  They are the best parents I have ever had!  But really- they are wonderful.  They are wise and they are grounded in their beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful for that.  I am thankful for the values and standards they taught me while I was in their house.

I am thankful for good food and the ability myself and my families have to buy food and eat food.

I am thankful for many many things.  I hope you and your family have also had a wonderful and blessed holiday.  Be thankful for the things you have and the relationships you have with others.  


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday!!!

Happy Thursday to you!  How has your week been?  I hope you have lots to be thankful for!  I know I do... when I think about it.  Let's recap the week:

Date Nights
We went out with friends on 11-11-11.  It was super fun.  We went and supported the UNLV Runnin' Rebels in their season opener.  It was fun... especially because our Rebels won!  Whoot!  So fun!

We had better seats this time... but we were still pretty high up.  BUT- no young boys around with beer to spill on me!  That was definitely a plus!

The three husbands enjoying the game

Happy 11:11 on 11-11-11!

Yes- I am so thankful to be married!  Harrison and I attended a marriage seminar last weekend.  We learned how to make our marriage Good, Better, and Best.  It was REALLY good.  The speaker was great and I took a boat-load of notes.  I really am thankful for Harrison and the marriage that we have.  We have been married 6 1/2 years and I am really proud of that.  Sure we have fights and disagreements, but you know- we have it pretty dang good!  
Harrison tried to teach me to drive his manual car last weekend.  I sucked.  It was funny.  He is a great teacher.  He was so patient and he was more than willing to laugh with me (and at me) and guide me through the process.  He gave me positive comments even though the car stalled at least 30 times that afternoon.  Well- the next day I found this on my steering wheel when I got in my truck to go to work...

So awesome!  It was great.  I love my husband (like when I try to explain how much I love him- it will make you want to puke because it's so mushy- LOVE).  

I know this blessing sounds generic... and I can see how it could be generic.  There has been many ways this last week that I have been shown love.  In word, in phone calls, in deed, in texts, in hugs, in laughter, in notes... the list goes on.  I am thankful that I am loved.

I hope you have many things that you are thankful for.  If you can't think of any... just know that I am thankful you read this post and I am sending you love!  It sounds sappy- but I am in a kind of sappy mood right now :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Lots to be thankful for... especially with the holiday dedicated to thankfulness right around the corner.  So here we go.  This week I am thankful for:

Einstein Bagles
They have really saved me these last few mornings with their cranberry bagel coolness and their asiago bagle awesomeness (especially when it has cream cheese and tomatoes on it).  YUM!  AND- the manager at the register knows my name now.  Cool.

We were able to help some friends of ours move to Utah this weekend.  It was a very fast trip but I really am thankful that we were able to help them move all of their stuff so that they can begin a new chapter in their lives.

Fall Weather
It has finally made it's way to Vegas.  Brisk mornings and nights that need slippers and blankets.  Although- I am still not a fan of getting out of the shower and feeling like I just stepped out onto the Tundra.  But- nevertheless... I am thankful for fall briskness.

Cruise Control
Seriously- this sanity saving gadget is very much taken for granted.  On our trip to/from Utah... saved my sanity (and my foot that is still sore from falling down the stairs the other week).

I have talked to both of my adult sisters quite a bit this week and I am very thankful for them.  I didn't used to be... like when we were all younger.  I always thought of them as the annoying "little sisters"... but I have grown to love love love them and appreciate them unconditionally.  We laugh a lot together.  We are quite silly and get kinda stupid with each other... which I love!

10 years ago

The New iPhone Update
Although iCloud is still sort of confusing to me... the new update and the new features on my phone/computer are pretty amazing!  I love them!  I love technology and I love the fact that I own cool technology.

The Book of Mormon
I have been trying (though falling way behind) to get it read in 90 days.  I have been really trying to read and process all that I am reading.  It is amazing!  I love the words of the prophets and I love the things I am learning.  So awesome!  Now- I just need to get on the ball and catch up on the 26 chapters I am behind in!

Ok- you're turn!  What are you thankful for?