Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabulous Jesus

Right down the street from our house is a cemetery. We drive behind the back side of it every time we go anywhere (since that is the way to get to the freeway). There is this statue that we thought was a headstone that is much larger than any of the other ones. We are able to see it over the back wall. We know that it is a statue of Jesus and the way that his arms are outstretched... it looks like He is very happy and shouting "FABULOUS". So... we have nicknamed this statue "Fabulous Jesus". I always say FABULOUS out loud when I pass this (whether I am with somebody or alone).

Well, a few weeks ago Harrison and I decided to visit the cemetery and take a look at the front of Fabulous Jesus. What a wonderful statue it is indeed. It isn't a headstone, but a statue in the middle of a section of graves with the inscription "RESURRECTION".

Another fun fact: the beloved Redd Foxx is buried at this cemetery. We searched for about 20 minutes and found the headstone.

And... just 3 weeks ago actor, Tony Curtis was buried at this cemetery as well. When the grass is growing around the grave... I'll shoot a picture of that headstone, too!


Susiebelle said...

Jaala This is a FABULOUS post. I am glad that the statue is as FABULOUS as we knew it would be! I am glad you have been enjoying cemetery splunking. Tis one of my favorite things! Xoxo

andre said...

i'm just glad you 'decided to take a look at the front of FABULOUS Jesus.' i literally lol-ed and would have been rofl-ing, but i was already sitting on the floor.