Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I've had a rough day so I am finding it hard to think of things I am thankful for. I will come up with something though:

We spent a glorious long weekend in Newport Beach last weekend. Oh boy! I seriously belong in Southern California. I love everything about it. The weather, the scenery, the beach, the lifestyle, the 50 million types of palm trees, the fauna... just EVERYTHING! Don't be surprised if one of these days I update with... I live in SO CAL now.

Cat Pee Eliminator
This is a venting/thankful post. We just got one of the cats fixed and it seems to be a downward spiral. Now the stinking cat is peeing everywhere... including but not limited to... my PURSE, the couch (luckily the old couch in the spare room), in my craft closet, and our BED! Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!?! We haven't figured out whether it is because he is now trying to be territorial or if it is because he kind of forgot how to use the litter box. Either way... Im not a fan. There is a product that we have been using to help get the smell out. It takes a little bit to work... so I hope it is successful. If not... the cats are going to find a new home! But I am thankful for a product that will hopefully work.

We don't get much of it in Vegas. We actually have had record drought days so to speak this year. While in Cali last weekend... it rained most of the time. This would be discouraging to most people I think, but not me! I welcomed the drizzle with open arms! The cool scent of rain is so nice... and I love the "clean" feel of the air after a storm.

Phase 10
This is probably my very most favorite game EVER. I love getting together around a table and playing this game. Skipping people and getting them mad... laying down a "sleeper" hand... a hand that nobody knows you have and once you lay down... it BLOWS them out of the water! I love the conversation around the table with a game of Phase 10. Such an all around good game. So when you get together with those you love... play a game of Phase 10. You won't regret it.

Harry Potter
Well- the 1st part of the 7th book is coming out next month and I need to be ready. So, I started reading the book for a 2nd time to prepare. I love it. I feel like I really know the characters. I feel like they are a part of my life. It is really strange, but I do! I am excited to read it and to see the movie next month :)

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Maddie said...

We have used nature's miracle non-stop since getting Mr. Fitzwilliam. I still haven't decided it it works meaning it completely eliminates the odor so he won't go in the same area but I'm fairly certain it gets rid of it enough so people don't smell it. Good luck with that! and I definitely need to start re-reading the 7th before the movie comes out. Sooooo Excited!!!! : )