Monday, October 25, 2010

The trek to the west coast

So once a year we go to Newport Beach, California with Harrison's parents. Its a super fun trip filled with sun, surf, sand, and shopping (the 4 things I need in life to survive). We went the first weekend in October this year (yeah, sorry it is taking me so long to post these).

Well on our way we stopped in Baker, CA. It is the place with the world's largest thermometer! YAY! There is also this place called Alien Fresh Jerky. When Harrison and I went to San Diego a couple of months ago I spotted the place and kinda wanted to stop someday. Well- we did this time! It's a really corny place but it made me giggle!

We picked up some Alien jerky... along with some dried Kiwi (which is delicious by the way) and some sour gummy bears and some local cactus honey (which is also delicious).

Alien mommy and daddy

Alien kiddos. Hey, at least they are buckled correctly into their car seats!

So you can put a quarter in this thing and watch it move. Needless to say... I didn't do that.
After our Alien experience we went to get some lunch at the local truck stop. They had these AWESOME claw machines that had $20 bills attached to the toys and even some that had a couple $100 bills attached to them! OF COURSE we tried to win some cash... we spent like $3 with no luck!
So 80% of the drive from Las Vegas to Southern California looks like this. DESOLATE and UGLY! I really hate it. But this 4 hour drive beats the 8 hour drive to Grand Junction or the 6 hour drive to Salt Lake! So- I guess I shouldn't complain!

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Maddie said...

I always hated that part of the drive home from Utah (and vice versa). The big thermometer was when my dad always said we were at the half way point! woot woot for Baker!