Monday, June 28, 2010

Route 66

We traveled to Kirtland, NM this weekend for a grand total of about 1000 miles. It was for Jaala's grandparents 50th anniversary. We wanted to take advantage of the trip a little bit since much of the drive was along what used to be Route 66. So we got these couple of photos.
The dinosaur was surprisingly hot from being in the sun all day, so after the photo I tried to get off as fast as I could and ended up falling clean on my hiney. Looking back now it is pretty funny, at the time I was scared I hurt my tailbone though.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A great Sunday!

Today was a good day! I got up early (on my own... shocking!) and I was at church on time. Harrison was out of town this weekend (he went to his 10 year high school reunion) and I was amazed that I was out of bed and to church on time.

Today was my week for Sharing Time in Primary (one Sunday a month I get the opportunity to teach the children ages 3-11 at church something about religion). My topic was The Holy Ghost. I usually get super stressed when I have to do Sharing Time, but I was super prepared and I was so excited for this lesson.

Everything went perfect! I got home from church, changed, ate some lunch, and had time to paint my nails! I made all tiger striped! They look cool! I got my inspiration from the blog The Daily Nail. How do you think they look??

I was also able to pick up Harrison from the airport. It was good to have my hunk-o-burnin' love home! I sure love that guy!

I was also able to talk to my dad on the phone for Father's Day. I love my dad.... a lot. We are very much alike as far as personality goes so needless to say... when I was younger (teenager) we butted heads together a lot. Now that I am married and a little older, we get along great. He is such a hard worker. I know the value of work because of my dad. He has been a hard worker his whole life. He has always made it possible for my mom to stay at home with all of her kids (there are 10 of us you know). He is also a spiritual giant. I am always amazed at how in tune with the Lord he is. I've loved him my whole life!


Well, just a few thoughts from the peanut gallery! Talk at ya soon!

Friday, June 11, 2010

We joined a Gym!

Yup- its true! Harrison and I joined a gym! We are now members of the Las Vegas Athletic Club. We got our membership last night, which includes: Personal trainer, towel service (fancy), body indexing (so H can track how his muscles are growing), and guest passes (so anybody who wants to go.. lemme know).

I took my first class last night. It was super fun. It was a Zumba class. It is a high energy cardio class that incorporates Latin dance moves. SUPER FUN! I was sweating it up big time.

So- I hope we can stick with it and get into shape. My goal is to be bikini ready for our California trip (which isn't until October, but still)...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Daily Nail

So I found this new blog! I love it! I have always liked nail art and this girl (from Vegas) is great! Her blog is funny and so creative!

I saw an article in Las Vegas Weekly last week and this is how I discovered Melissa and her blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Click it or Ticket!

I just want you all to be aware... if you drive near me and you don't have your kids in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt... I will call the Po-Po and have them pull you over! It is probably my biggest pet-peeve!

I did this on my way to work this hot (it is like 113 degrees outside today... no joke) morning. The baby blue VW bug was weaving in and out of traffic and when it weaved in front of me I noticed that there was a child (no older than 5 years old) bobbing up and down in the back seat! Well- I called the Nevada Highway Patrol and reported it. To my shock and amazement, only 2 exits after I made the call, a patrol car actually pulled the car over.

I hope they learn to have their kids buckled up from now on!

OK- I am done with my rant for now I think.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I need to post more!

What the heck is wrong with me?? For a LONG time, I was posting almost once a week! Now, its a struggle to post once a MONTH! Holy Hannah! Its getting quite pathetic to tell you the truth! I just feel a little overwhelmed to tell you all the truth! I work long hours (but I am very thankful to even have a job here in Vegas in this economy) and when I get home it seems that I am running to and fro getting housework done, meals prepared (OK I am lying about meals... I don't cook anymore. Harrison has been really good about helping out with that most of the time), and getting stuff done for church. Who has the time to blog anymore. I sure have time to update my FaceBook status... I should take the time to update this stinkin' blog!

On an update note: last weekend (for the long Memorial Day weekend) we went to Junk-Town (Grand Junction) to visit family. My family took family pictures with the ENTIRE family there. Just to catch you all up- my parents have adopted 3 new children. a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old. Are they crazy you might ask... NO! They were once my cousins, but due to extreme circumstances, they are now being adopted by my family. I am now the oldest of 10... yes you heard right... 10 children! It was so much fun being with everybody. I was able to meet my youngest sister for the first time too. There are 25 years between us. As soon as we get the photos back from that shoot, I will post them.

Love and peace in the middle east!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Candid Shots

Most people only look at themselves in photos. (I know I do) So we all hate it when there is an awful one of us for the world to see. But in truth, who really cares. We are our own worst critics, and other people don't even think twice about the way we look.
It is kind of like hearing your voice on a recording, you think you sound terrible, but to everyone else you sound normal.
Anyway, here are some photos for everyone in them to ruminate over:

Of course there were no bad ones of me. I am extremely photogenic. As you can see from the above photo.

Some other people though.....they have it bad.