Friday, June 4, 2010

Candid Shots

Most people only look at themselves in photos. (I know I do) So we all hate it when there is an awful one of us for the world to see. But in truth, who really cares. We are our own worst critics, and other people don't even think twice about the way we look.
It is kind of like hearing your voice on a recording, you think you sound terrible, but to everyone else you sound normal.
Anyway, here are some photos for everyone in them to ruminate over:

Of course there were no bad ones of me. I am extremely photogenic. As you can see from the above photo.

Some other people though.....they have it bad.

1 comment:

susiebelle said...

LOL good one H. That picture of you grandma (?) looks like it was taken on my patio at home EXACTLY...cables n all.