Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday (a day early)

I have been so bad at this Thankful Thursday business. My life has been so hectic and crazy! So- here it goes:

Yes, I am thankful for all of my brothers. My younger brother, Curtis, came home from his mission and I am thankful for his service to the Lord and his safe return home. Harrison's brother, Jordan, moved in with us last week. I am thankful for his willingness to help out around the house and pay us rent!

I now have a night job with Harrison at BYU. I collect all of the recycling in one of the rather large buildings on campus. I am thankful that I have my IPod to keep me interested in something other than colored and plain white paper. I have been able to listen to almost all of the Harry Potter books and I am going to start with some of the classic books that I have always wanted to read, but haven't got around to actually reading.

Broadway Paper Co.
I ordered some fabulous Snow and Graham invitations from this particular company online. They were so nice to answer all of my questions about shipping and such. I received my order a few days ahead of schedule and it was so nicely wrapped. There was also included in the package a hand-written note from the people I talked with on the phone, thanking me for my order... I also got a 10% off coupon for being a customer. Check out their website (click here).

Family Home Evening
Yes, I love to get together with family and friends and discuss the gospel and visit. It is something I look forward to every week. Harrison and I have FHE with Bryan and Crystal almost every Sunday evening. We have discussed all sorts of things (marriage woes, faith, prayer, food storage, emergency preparedness, and the list goes on). It is also fun for me to see their family grow. We started having FHE together when we first moved to Provo. It has been about a year and a half now. We have seen the birth of both of their children (Happy 1st Birthday to Emmerson today and Happy actual Birthday to Willow this last Monday). What a great relationship we have with them. Family Home Evening gives me the boost I need for the rest of the week. I reflect back on what we talked about in our FHE's a lot during the week. Hip Hip Hooray for FHE!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome Baby Willow!

Congrats to Brian and Crystal on the arrival of their new baby girl Willow. YaHoo. She is so pretty. Harrison and I went to the hospital to see the happy family. I will post pictures as soon as Crystal sends them to me. Hip Hip Horray for the new little one!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brace Face... to the Third Power!

So, we had all the family together last weekend and that meant that the three sisters were together... braces and all! YaHoo. So, we snapped a few shots of Jaala at 24 years old, Charnae at 19 years old, and Laura at 15 years old. There were never such devoted sisters (can you hear the song?).

Return of the Jedi

It was 12:21 and Curtis' plane still was not in! Family and friends are all gathered at the small Grand Junction airport awaiting the arrival of Elder Curtis Gladden, returning home from his Portland, Oregon mission. So here we stand.... WAITING...



AND WAITING!!!! But wait... do we see him? Get the camera's ready! At approximately 12:45 Curtis finally arrived!

He is greeted by Mom and the Little Boys (per Curtis' request).

One big happy family (minus Dad... where is he)?

There he is! Dad was so excited to have his boy home!

It was so good to have Curtis home from his LDS mission. YaHoo! Our family has not been together for four years! It was a good feeling to all be together again! HAPPY DAY!

Brotherly Love

It was so exciting for the Little Boys in my family (Westley age 5 and Brok age 9) to have Curtis come home. They were immediately glued to him when he stepped off the plane.

Wow... look at the resemblence of Curtis and Westley! Get ready Westley, this is what you will look like when you grow up!

Brok was right there to help Curtis find his bags at baggage claim. What a good brother he is. Ha Ha.

All weekend the boys were joined at the hip. They didn't want to go anywhere that Curtis was not going. We were even able to bribe Westley into doing chores and getting his pajamas on over the weekend. We just told him that Curtis would be so happy if he would do something and before we knew it... Westley was running up and down the stairs getting things done.

Balloon Making Fun

Our dear adopted brother, Robert (well not really adopted but he is at my families home more than some of my family I think), entertained us for over an hour with his clown skills. I had no idea that Robert was a professional clown for a time. He dazzled us with his ability to make pretty much anything out of some long balloons.

I have a motorcycle and Westley is holding a very pretty pink poodle (say that five times fast).

I was also surprised with a balloon earring and ring set. Very chic. We laughed at many of the designs by Herr Robert. Another great day at the Gladden home.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust!

What a happy thing for us this weekend... we were able to pay off our truck two years early! We were so happy. Working extra jobs and long hours is really paying off. We asked the teller at the bank to take a picture of us. She said that it was the first time ever that she had somebody ask her to do that. So, we officially own our vehical. YAHOO! We were able to pay off about $3000 in just a few months. Now we just have to pay off my lovely braces. Just $3000 more to go! We are taking the advice of Dave Ramsey to get our debt paid off. Check out his site. If we would all live by his simple debt free steps and rules, the world would be a happier and much friendlier place!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This weekend Harrison and I are going home go Grand Junction. My brother, Curtis, is returning home from his LDS mission to Portland, Oregon. Oh, what a happy day for my family! I have missed him so much. His flight comes in at about noon on Friday. I am sure I will have lots of pictures and subjects to blog about.

This weekend will be the first time in FOUR years that my entire family has been together. It has been four years of missions, weddings, college, and much more. It will be such a good time for us.

We will also have a mini celebration of my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. It was a couple of weeks ago, but we are going to celebrate a little late with all of the children home and in one place.

Stay tuned to see the happenings of the weekend.

The Cutest Blog on the Block

So, I was looking at Hilary's blog (click here to see) and found that she had the cutest blog layout I have ever seen! And I thought to myself, "Self... you should get a cute blog layout too!" So, I did! I went to the site Cutest Blog on the Block (click here) and found my cute layout! Hip Hip Hooray! So everybody check it out and get your own!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Celebrate Good Times... Come On!

Yes, I celebrated National Sugar Cookie Day a day late. But, I celebrated nonetheless. I took a couple of trips to my favorite sugar cookie establishment here in Provo, Smart Cookie, to get the goods.

I love their little wall with "smart cookies" such as Albert Einstein and Charlie Chapman. HHMM... I wonder why my picture is not up there with them. HA HA.

They had very cute daisy cookies yesterday. They were so tasty. I took the cookies to Amanda's house. We ate the cookies and folded laundry with her cousin Nicole. Good times were had by all on this glorious holiday!

Oh... one more thing! Today is July 11th... which means the date is 7/11. Do you know what this means? 7-11 is having their annual FREE SLURPIE day today! What an incredible thing to have! I think I am going to hop on over and get me a wonderful cherry and coke Slurpie today... FOR FREE!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What a sad day! I forgot that today was National Sugar Cookie Day! What a retard I am! I had such big plans for this day! My life has been so crazy! I totally forgot. I will celebrate it tomorrow and post some pictures of my celebration!

Go Sell Crazy Somewhere Else... We Are All Stocked Up Around Here!

Well, there have been some changes the last little while! Where shall I begin.

Life at the gelato cafe has been a little rough for me the last couple of weeks. It is really hard to work with people five and seven years younger than me. So, I have been praying to find somewhere else to work this summer. I didn't want to just quit the job and go back on my end of the "pay off the debt" bargain. That would be very unfair.

Harrison was able to talk to his boss at his night job with BYU. What do you know, they will hire me! WaHoo!! So, I have a new night job at BYU. Harrison and I will both work as janitors at the JFSB (one of the Joseph Smith buildings on campus).

The new job will be kind of a blessing in a few ways. I will work with people about my age, I will work with Harrison (which is nice. We will get to see each other a little more everyday), and the pay is better! What more could I ask for?

I will keep working the Farmers Market here in Provo for the gelato cafe. So, never fear! I will still have access to free ice cream! YUM.

I'd like to welcome Lauren and Jason to the program. I would also like to welcome my good friend JoEllen! I was so tickled to hear that she reads our blog often (more than my mother-in-law does I found out... hee hee).

Well, I think that updates us for now!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July Holidays

Yes, its time for another round of Obscure Holiday! So let's see... what can we celebrate this month?

July 9- National Sugar Cookie Day (this calls for a Smart Cookie run I think)
July 13- Embrace Your Geekness Day
July 14- National Nude Day (OK people... lets celebrate this one at home alright)
July 21- National Junk Food Day
July 27- Parent's Day (call your Mommy and Daddy and let them know you love them)
July 30- Father-in-law Day (I sent cards to my father in law's last year... it was a blast)

By the way... if you are wondering where the heck I am getting all of these holidays... click here. Its a pretty funny idea for a website if you ask me.

If you are feeling down and need a pick me up, celebrate one of these holidays! I promise it will put a smile on your face!

Tagged Again... Crazy 8's

8 things I'm passionate about:

1. The Gospel
2. My marriage
3. family
4. paper crafts
5. the beach
6. classic cars
7. children
8. shoes

8 books I have read recently:

1. Schindler's List (working on it)
2. The Outsiders (a guilty pleasure I would have to say)
3. Man's Search for Meaning
4. Night
5. Harry Potter 1 (a repeat)
6. Harry Potter 2 (repeat)
7. Harry Potter 3 (repeat)
8. Harry Potter 4 (another repeat)

8 things I often say:

1. "What?" - Harrison thinks I am deaf... he might be right.
2.. "I love you"
3. "Hell to the NO"... I know its not very lady like... but it is funny!
4."Krazytown with a capital K"
5. "It's freaking my shiz"
6. "Nu Skin Special Events, this is Jaala"
7. "Nice"
8."Oh mamma NO"

8 things that annoy me:

1. Utah weather
2. Utah drivers
3. People who do not read ALL of the directions
4. Gas prices
5. Grocery prices
6. Maestro's Gelato Cafe
7. The downstairs neighbors
8. Kids not in car seats

8 things I look forward to each day:

1. Going to work (how many people can say that)
2. Tasty food
3. Sleep
4. Sunshine
5. Walking to work (yes, I enjoy the walk)
6. Seeing my co-worker Jane
7. Talking with my hubby (even if it is only for a moment)
8. Laying in my own bed at night

8 things I look for in a friend:

1. honesty
2. sense of humor
3. good morals
4. mature
5. down to earth
6. doesnt mind burps and farts (what... its true... it is what I look for in a friend)
7. similar interests
8. good listener

8 things I want to do before I die:

1. Have babies
2. go to Europe on a Holocaust tour
3. See the pyramids
4. go skydiving
5. learn to play tennis
6. live in another country
7. own my own home
8. travel with my children and grand children

8 things I have learned this past year:

1. You can be happy no matter what your situation
2. If there is a will... there REALLY is a way!
3. You can be good friends with people your mother's age
4. Photography is not as hard as I once thought
5. Having a good attitude makes life a lot easier
6. Paying off debt makes life and relationships so much easier
7. I am not ALWAYS right (although I still like to think so from time to time)
8. If I think my life is so hard, ask somebody else how their day is... chances are... I am in the same boat as everybody else

8 people I tag:
1. Kristen
2. Marie Whetten
3. Jodi
4. Kirrily
5. Hilary
6. Whitney
7. Marie Stott
8. Brittany

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was busy... but lots of fun. Harrison's Mom came into town for the weekend and it was so much fun spending time with her. We spent the 3rd at Nick and Joy's house (Harrison's brother). We BBQ'd some hamburgers and lit off some fireworks for the kids before bedtime. It was lots of fun.

Eli helped Nick light the firework and then ran away so he would be safe from the sparks! What a good listener he is!

Before we BBQ'd we spent some time at the pool. It was lots of fun to watch the kids swim and have a good time. Harrison had fun too... see!
Eli was getting so brave! He dunked his head under the water a few times. What a big boy he is becoming! Maybe this is a prequel to an Olympic swimming career.
Gabby is so cute! It was her first time in the pool! Her swimming suit that Nana bought her is so adorable! She seemed to really enjoy the water. She loved kicking her legs.

I had to work 4th of July night. Sad... I know. I didn't see a single firework that night. Oh well. Saturday (the 5th) there was a small car show at The Freedom Festival here in Provo. The car show was just a few blocks from the house. This picture is in front of a 1968 Chevy Camaro. It is one of the sexiest cars on the face of the planet... I think.
After the car show we went to the mall and look at what we saw! A new Challenger! We have never seen one other than in magazines and on billboards. It was an awesome car. So, we took some pictures of it!

The weekend was so much fun! I am so thankful for the freedoms that I enjoy here in America.

Birthday Hat Crafting Extravaganza!

So cute... I know! My boss' birthday is Monday and so I made her this fancy schmancy birthday hat for her. I have wanted to make one ever since I saw the hat on the Peacoats and Party Hats website (click here to see). So, with a little help from my friend and co- worker Jane Parker, we put together this hat for her!

I used some German glass glitter to embellish this cutout from a vintage birthday card. I love this pretty little lady!

All of the people in my department at work gave me something that describes them to add to the hat. This SPARKLE pin is so freaking cute. I just about died when my co-worker gave it to me for the hat.

It was a lot of fun to use some of the vintage buttons and notions I have for this hat.
I think the vintage broach is my favorite part. So cute! Thanks for the addition Jane!
The picture on the hat is actually a picture of my boss when she was about 25 years old. Her and her husband had one of those old time photos taken about 20 years ago when they were first married. He was happy to send me a copy of it to use on the hat!

The hat was so fun to make. The hats on the website run about $24 for the kit. I know now why they are kind of pricey. If I were to sell this, it would have to go for a lot more than that. It took me many hours to put together and the embellishments can get kind of pricey as well... but well worth the adventure!