Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brotherly Love

It was so exciting for the Little Boys in my family (Westley age 5 and Brok age 9) to have Curtis come home. They were immediately glued to him when he stepped off the plane.

Wow... look at the resemblence of Curtis and Westley! Get ready Westley, this is what you will look like when you grow up!

Brok was right there to help Curtis find his bags at baggage claim. What a good brother he is. Ha Ha.

All weekend the boys were joined at the hip. They didn't want to go anywhere that Curtis was not going. We were even able to bribe Westley into doing chores and getting his pajamas on over the weekend. We just told him that Curtis would be so happy if he would do something and before we knew it... Westley was running up and down the stairs getting things done.

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