Friday, July 11, 2008

Celebrate Good Times... Come On!

Yes, I celebrated National Sugar Cookie Day a day late. But, I celebrated nonetheless. I took a couple of trips to my favorite sugar cookie establishment here in Provo, Smart Cookie, to get the goods.

I love their little wall with "smart cookies" such as Albert Einstein and Charlie Chapman. HHMM... I wonder why my picture is not up there with them. HA HA.

They had very cute daisy cookies yesterday. They were so tasty. I took the cookies to Amanda's house. We ate the cookies and folded laundry with her cousin Nicole. Good times were had by all on this glorious holiday!

Oh... one more thing! Today is July 11th... which means the date is 7/11. Do you know what this means? 7-11 is having their annual FREE SLURPIE day today! What an incredible thing to have! I think I am going to hop on over and get me a wonderful cherry and coke Slurpie today... FOR FREE!


Susiebelle said...

Hey I want one dammit

weezwhetten said...

Those are the darlingest, most delicious looking cookies EVER!
(I'm not hormonal, nooo...not me!)

Harrison and Jaala Allen said...

Yes, this was such a fun post! The girl at Smart Cookie was so excited that I was taking pictures, too!