Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Go Sell Crazy Somewhere Else... We Are All Stocked Up Around Here!

Well, there have been some changes the last little while! Where shall I begin.

Life at the gelato cafe has been a little rough for me the last couple of weeks. It is really hard to work with people five and seven years younger than me. So, I have been praying to find somewhere else to work this summer. I didn't want to just quit the job and go back on my end of the "pay off the debt" bargain. That would be very unfair.

Harrison was able to talk to his boss at his night job with BYU. What do you know, they will hire me! WaHoo!! So, I have a new night job at BYU. Harrison and I will both work as janitors at the JFSB (one of the Joseph Smith buildings on campus).

The new job will be kind of a blessing in a few ways. I will work with people about my age, I will work with Harrison (which is nice. We will get to see each other a little more everyday), and the pay is better! What more could I ask for?

I will keep working the Farmers Market here in Provo for the gelato cafe. So, never fear! I will still have access to free ice cream! YUM.

I'd like to welcome Lauren and Jason to the program. I would also like to welcome my good friend JoEllen! I was so tickled to hear that she reads our blog often (more than my mother-in-law does I found out... hee hee).

Well, I think that updates us for now!

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JoEllen said...

Yes, Jaala, I do peruse your blog. It brightens my day when you have something new! I am glad that the work situation is improving for you. Best of luck!