Monday, November 28, 2011

Craft Night and other thoughts

I decided I would get some housework done this evening.  It got as far as getting the living room cleaned up.  I have had some company though... 
Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery, Randy Travis, Sammy Kershaw, and Tim McGraw have kept me company on my Garth Brooks Pandora station this evening.  I really like the station!  I think I found the trick to Pandora.  As long as you don't hit "like" or "don't like" the station will play stuff that actually pertains to your station and actual likes.  If you start fine-tuning the station- it starts adding crap into it.
Also, the kitties have been keeping me company.  They are quite happy that we are home I think.  They are both laying next to me and purring away.  They didn't come home for a while last night and today and we thought that they might be in the pound or dead... but they showed their little faces finally.  

So I didn't post about this... but I am now.  On Saturday night we had CRAFT NIGHT!  Girls Only!  It was super fun.  My sisters, mother, and I pulled out the glitter, scissors, paper, and glue and got our creative juices flowing.

It was seriously so much fun.  I think my mom will be vacuuming up glitter for the next month!  It was EVERYWHERE!!!  I am so thankful for family who likes to craft (or doesn't like to craft but does it anyway).

OH- this is a funny video!  My baby sister, Audrey finally recognizes Harrison and I.  She has been pretty afraid of us up until this last trip.  I think it finally clicked in her 2 1/2 year old brain that we were family and not just a couple of weirdos who came to mom's house every now and then.  ANYWAY- one of the nights we were there she was playing and laughing with Harrison.  She decided that Harrison was HER Harrison!

She is a silly girl!  She is growing up with a funny personality.

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Maddie said...

haha that video is so cute!