Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting 2012 with a BANG!

Well I hope that every body's New Years Eve celebrations were safe and super fun!  Speaking of safe... after Harrison and I watched the fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip we went home, put our PJ's on, and went to bed at about 1am.

At about 1:30am Harrison looked out the bedroom window onto the main road behind our house.  He said, "Did you hear that?"  I said, "Yeah, probably some last minute fireworks."  Harrison shook his head and said, "No!  It was an accident!"  I hopped out of bed and we both peered out the window.  Sure enough- there were a few cars that were slowing way down and stopping in the middle of the road to see what happened and to come to somebodies aide if necessary.  

We put our shoes on and hurried to the edge of the corner of the block to see what happened.  Well, it was quite a sight when we got there.  A VW Beetle had jumped the curb and was half way into the brick wall.  YIKES!

We walked up to the car and I asked the folks that were standing around if everybody was alright.  The really kind of moody lady confirmed that all was OK, and as I looked at the car, the teenage boy that was the driver of the car stepped out of the car.  He looked fine.  A little shaken up, but fine.  He kept muttering things like, "I am so stupid!" and "I am such an idiot!".

I couldn't help but giggle.  What a way to start the New Year!  To wreck your sister's car into a brick wall (I like to think that it was his sister's car... since I don't know many boys, let alone teenage boys, that drive "cute" Beetles around).  There was simply NO coming back from this situation!  

We didn't take any pictures of the accident at that moment (which we regret) but here is a picture of the hole in the wall that was left over from the ordeal.  There is a pretty big hole in the wall and see the boulder that is in the planter?  That boulder was more in the middle of the small rock garden before it was dragged into the higher planter!  SHEESH!

I'd have to say, I did feel kind of bad for the kid.  What a seriously stupid mistake.  We didn't determine if the kid was drunk or not.  He seemed pretty lucid and aware when he was stepping out of the car, but we only saw him for seriously 15 seconds.  He was going WAY too fast whether he was drunk or not.

So that was our big excitement of the week so far!  I told the girls at church to listen at school for the story of the kid that wrecked his car on New Years Eve and then report back!  HA... kind of evil- I know.

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hwscutie said...

Did you hear about my accident in high school when I ran over the curb at the Community College and into a guardrail on my way from seminary to Foothill in my little purple Geo Metro convertible? That's what this story reminds me of. Way to go you and Harrison braving the strip to see fireworks!