Sunday, January 15, 2012

Following the Examples of Jesus Christ

Today was a great day.  I love the opportunity I have to be a leader to the young women in our ward.  I was able to teach the lesson today in the Laurel Class (if some of these terms don't make sense to you, please click HERE or HERE to find out more).  The lesson was on Following the Examples of Jesus Christ.

I only have a few girls in my class but they are a great group of girls.  I think the reason I love being in the Laurel class is because when I was a Laurel my self (11 years ago) I started to find my own testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and of Jesus Christ himself.  It is a wonderful yet challenging age... 16-18 years old.

The girls had wonderful insight into ways they can follow the example of Jesus Christ.  We talked about being humble, loving and serving others (especially our enemies), and resisting temptation (which we all agreed is just so hard to do sometimes).  

I think that most of the time we as a general Christian population get "perfection" and "being Christ-like" mixed up.  A lot of times we automatically think that in order to be like our Savior, we must be perfect.  WRONG!  We will NEVER be perfect.  NEVER!  It is impossible.  So- stop trying.  That is the exact reason the Atonement even exists.  We make mistakes and slip up every single day.  It is through our Savior that we can repent and be forgiven of these slip ups.  To be Christ-like we must strive for Christ-like attributes... service, love, charity, meekness, obedience.

To bring the lesson home to a place that the girls would feel that things were on their level, I made a handout with this picture on it.  I loved it!  

After I finished the lesson, I showed this slide show that included photos of the girls following the examples of Jesus Christ.  They are amazing girls and I feel so blessed to have them a part of my life.

I hope your Sunday was filled with just as much love and the Spirit of our Heavenly Father.

Now- its time to finish watching the Golden Globes... hee hee


Kim said...

I am so happy that you are back in the Young Women Program!!! You are amazing at it!

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