Thursday, December 29, 2011


So it is the end of 2011.  I would have to say that the year has gone by pretty dang fast.  There have been a lot that has happened in the last year.  My post today is to follow up on my year long goal and resolution.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can click HERE and read about what my New Years goal was.

So instead of making a New Years resolution (which lets be honest, nobody ever keeps) I made a goal to incorporate one word into my entire year to make myself better.  This year's word was TRIUMPH.

How did I triumph this year??  Let's explore this together... I think the biggest triumph I have made this year is my feelings towards somebody in my life.  I have had downright hateful feelings towards this person and it was really affecting my daily life.  Through prayer, service, venting, and some change of attitude... I have triumphed over those feelings.  This person isn't my best friend by any means, but I no longer think about pushing them into traffic every time I see them.  I do believe I even have some sort of love for this "enemy".  I really feel like this is a huge triumph for me.

I also triumphed in my workplace this year.  I was able to get a promotion and take on some new responsibilities (which isn't an easy feat in a small business working environment).  I am really happy about this triumph.  I was able to prove to my boss that I was capable and strong enough to take on the responsibilities.  GO ME!

This next triumph probably shouldn't count but I am going to talk about it anyway.  I triumphed over extra weight this last spring.  I was down to my goal weight and was eating healthy and was into some skinny jeans.  Sadly, I am back to the hefty jeans and the weight is back.  Something I need to constantly work on I suppose... but for a little while- the triumph had been made!

I triumphed in relationships this year.  Especially with my younger sisters.  We are all adults now and I feel like this last year has really been a turning point with each other.  Instead of seeing them as little annoying sisters, I see them as equals (well most of the time... I am still working on not being such a bossy older sister).  I see them as adults with value and worth.  They have made awesome decisions in their lives and some of those decisions are real examples to me! 

Those are the big triumphs that I can think of for the last year.  I have learned a lot and even better, learned from some mistakes.  I am thankful for all my blessings and all that I have in my life.

May 2012 bring just as much accomplishment and joy.  I am still thinking about my word for 2012.  I haven't nailed one down quite yet but I have a few days.  I will definitely be posting about my new word.  Take some time and reflect on your life and how your year has been.  I bet you will count more wins than losses, more love than hate.  May the next year be even better for you too!

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