Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's Resolution... sort of

Well it is the first day of a new year. Happy 2011 everybody! I hope your 2010 wasn't too bad to you and I hope your 2011 is AMAZING!

For the last 2 years I have done a little spin on New Year's Resolutions. You see, I am not the best at keeping the typical resolution... it might last a week or two. So, I was given this idea by my very best mate, Jane, a few years ago. Instead of having a new year's resolution... have a ONE WORD new year's goal. A word that will leak over into all areas of your life. A positive word that will be easy to remember and easy to apply to your life.

For example, the first year I applied this challenge, I used the word SIMPLIFY. I wanted to "de-clutter" all areas of my life. So, simplify was a wonderful word for me. I pinned it in all rooms of my home so that I would be able to see it. Then last year I used the word STRIVE. I wanted to be a better person and become excellent.

So now onto this year. I don't take this lightly. I don't just think of a seemingly "smart" word and choose it. I take an inventory of my life. I look at the positive things and the negative things in my life. I look at what can be improved upon and made better. I have been thinking about this for days now. Toying with different words and how they might possibly help me. I made my decision last night... as I was watching the fireworks that rang in the new year. I was thinking about how magnificent and victorious they were. The fireworks were what I wanted to be. A burst of jubilation. So- after toying with those words and trying to make them fit... I went to my good friend the THESAURUS. I typed these words in and the common word between all of them was this word. So without further ado- This year my word is:

Yes- I do believe that is a wonderful word that will do great things for me. A word that can "leak" into all areas. This word will be a wonderful challenge I think. A wonderful goal. A goal that will bring nothing but positive things into my life.

I challenge you to this ONE WORD challenge. Think of a word that will help you and make it happen!



Marie Whetten said...

Great idea. Great word! I am going to do this! Happy New Year!

The Luke Family said...

I really like this idea and I think I just might have to join in on this new year's resolution of yours!!! Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

Good word Jaala! I am still thinkin'. Happy New Year! I loves ya!