Thursday, January 27, 2011

There are kids starving in Ethiopia...

But that still doesn't mean I could finish eating this ginormous pancake at Hash House a Go Go.  This place is notorious for their "twisted farm food".  Jordan and Robyn took us to breakfast to celebrate Harrison's birthday while they were here visiting last weekend.

My wonderful granola and blackberry pancake.  (I finished about 1/4 of it)

Jordan and his Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict (yeah it even had fried cheese on it)

Robyn and her banana pancake (she ate about as much as I did)

Harrison and his fried chicken and waffles (he was craving it)

So we all tried to eat as much as we could.  After about 10 minutes I was full!  Harrison ate one of the 2 pieces of chicken and half of his waffles (the waffles had actual bacon cooked into it).  Robyn ate about half of her pancake (they are freakin' huge)!

And then there was Jordan.  Oh what a manly... no... BEASTLY appetite he has!  This is what his plate looked like at the end of breakfast:

Yeah- he finished the whole freaking thing!  Even our waiter said that they don't usually see someone wipe their plate clean after a breakfast like that one!  Pretty impressive!

Good times were had by all!  I definitely recommend eating here if you are in Vegas!  The portions are HUGE and the prices aren't TOO bad.


The Hydes said...

whoooo my friend, after a breakfast like that it's time for Harrison to go vegan! Talk about enough protein! :) I love your blog! We're beach junkies too. So do you live in vegas or just visiting? And I love your wedding shot. Is that St. George? Your blog has perked my curiosity.....I must know more!

Steph said...

Okay, so since I saw the picture of Harrison's meal, I have been craving chicken and waffles! Sounds sooo good.