Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spiritual Thought Sunday

I had the opportunity to teach the lesson in Young Womens today.  I am so excited about the new "Come, Follow Me" curriculum that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has put out for our teenagers (to learn more about what I am talking about click HERE or HERE).  It has been a joy to learn about this new curriculum and to prepare lessons so far this year.

This month we are focusing on The Godhead.  We are teaching and learning about God the Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost.

My lesson was on Jesus Christ.  I felt impressed to explore with my girls the importance of Jesus Christ's atonement and what it means to us.  Even more specifically, how He has felt our every sadness, heartache, and burden, and through his atoning sacrifice, we can find peace, comfort, and even understanding in our trials.

For those of you who are teachers of any kind, you know that by preparing a lesson you will most likely learn way more than you can ever convey or teach to your group.  It was no different in this case.  

The girls in my class are all between 16 and 18 years old.  Which to me is the HARDEST ages as we grow up.  My girls are all facing hard times.  At home, at school, with their families, and with their friends.  They are all struggling with finding out who they really are and what they really believe and what their place is in their families and this big world.  Even at 28 years old, I still struggle with a lot of these things.

I want to testify to each of you who are reading this today that Christ lives.  He loves each and every one of us.  There is nothing that we feel that He has not felt.  As He suffered in the Garden and bled from every pore, He felt every single heartache, physical ache, trial, burden, and sadness that we will ever feel.  At those times when we feel that there is not a single person who understands what we are going through, I testify that Jesus Christ does.  He knows EXACTLY how we feel.  We can pray to Him for comfort and understanding.  He will reach out to us in our times of need.  He loves us.  He is waiting for us to reach out to him.  Through Him we can find happiness and solace.

This picture brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.  It is Christ holding someone. He is weeping with them.  He is comforting them.  This picture can represent each of us.  

Here are a few of the scriptures and quotes I used in my lesson as well.

I hope that your days are filled with joy and gratitude.  I also hope that each of you will take advantage of the precious gift of the Atonement that has been given to each of us.  It is a wonderful thing.

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