Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Update

Harrison Here:
It turns out we didn't take hardly any pictures of our Christmas escapades. There are literally about five total pictures from Christmas on our camera. We spent the time in Grand Junction going between Jaala's parents' and my Mom and Dennis' house. Jordan and Robyn were in town, making for the first time we have seen them since they moved to Ft. Collins at the beginning of November. So here are the photos we did get:

This is Jordan and Jaala one night at Mom and Dennis'

Jaala's Family does a White Elephant on Christmas eve and here are Laura, Harry Larry (a friend of Curtis) and Jaala's parents.

That about does it for decent photos of the Christmas holiday. New years was also pretty uneventful but we did take some fairly good photos of Nick's 30th birthday. More on that to come....

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