Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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We made a visit to Denver this weekend to go to a concert for The Killers. The weather was beautiful: high 50s and low 60s with sun the whole time.
The show was very fun and exciting. Unfortunately we were not allowed to bring any cameras into the show, sooo there are no photos of that event. We did however take a trip to The Buckhorn Exchange which is the oldest restaurant in Denver. It was created in 1893 and they have liquor license #1 for Denver County.

It is located in a very strage place however. Apparently the city center has moved a little in 106 years. The food is very meat oriented and the restaurant is very western.

This is a melding of two photos of the ground floor in the restaurant. We took Robyn and Jordan and we all ate upstairs.

We had Rattlesnake as an appetizer, Jordan and I got Beef Tenderloin, Jaala got the Buffalo and Elk combo plate, and Robyn was even able to fill herself with a loaded potato and a salad. The other special was Yak and Ostrich, and another appetizer we could have gotten was rocky mountain oysters.

That is a wax statue of the Duke checkin out a baby bear. Western.

The day after we went to the Buckhorn Exchange was MLK day, and we went downtown to check out the capitol and all that jazz. We didn't really put together the fact of what day it was until we got there however. So the civic center area was loaded with people gathered for the holiday.

You can't really tell here but there were quite a few people there. I think when we got there, whatever had been happening was winding down, because the people gradually got to be fewer and fewer.

Jaala and I were intrigued by a large group of guys of all ages wearing purple shirts and jackets with Omega Psi Phi on them. We got a few of them to group together to take photos of them. They are affiliated with a fraternity designed for young black men and they boast members nationwide.

We then went over to the capitol building and Jaala stood on the mile high marker on the steps leading up to the front doors.

After this we said goodbye to Denver and caught a flight back to frigid and hazy Salt Lake and Provo.

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