Monday, May 18, 2009

Army Wives

Ok kids,
it's drastic times again and Jaala hasn't updated in a while. Nearly a month in fact. Anyway, we have had some crazy times of late. I graduated on the 20 something of May and the Monday afterward I flew to San Diego and Las Vegas for job interviews. Of course I booked my flight to Las Vegas for the wrong day and I had to pay the extra $150 to change it, but all is well that ends well. I got both jobs but decided to take the one in Vegas.

It payed fairly well and the housing affordibility is insane in Vegas (1500+ sq. feet for less than $150k). After I returned to Provo we tried to get our lives in order so that we could come to terms with living separately for the next few months. We decided to get a storage unit and call upon the hospitality of friends and family for our lodgings until we can be rejoined. For those of you with questions as to why we would do such a thing, Jaala has a very good job at NuSkin in their special events department and their global convention is this year in October. Jaala wants to stay around there until then so she can get experience, travel to LA, and MEGA overtime.
At any rate, we arranged for Jaala to stay with my brother and sister-in-law in SLC and for me to stay with Jaala's best friend's parents (confusing eh?). But with those arrangements we will be living extremely frugally and saving for a down payment for a house. The tentative plan is to hang around and apply to UNLV this Fall for their MFT program starting in 2010.

After one week at home we returned to Las Vegas for our anniversary (May 13 2005-4 years baby!). We went on the 8-10 though because hotels were more affordable. Just before we went down though I felt like the company that I was going to work for was not a very strong one, so I began looking for a new job there.

Luckily I found one and after a phone interview while on vacation I was offered another, better paying, more stable job. Ironically it is at the first place that actually gave me the idea to even apply in Vegas. A place called Eagle Quest of Nevada. I will be working with foster kids as a Rehabilitative Mental Health Specialist. Basically a liasion between the parents and the foster care system.

After one more week at home, during which Joy had her third child, we got some more stuff packed trying to enjoy the first nights I haven't worked in about 1.5 years and on Sunday I headed off to LV for good leaving my sweet wife behind. And now I am here and it is hot as hades and Jaala lives on in Provo. The job looks good and things are looking up. People keep betting that Jaala won't make it alone in Utah. But we are commited to doing this and Jaala is motivated even more by those bets. It is going to be like I am in the armed forces, but without the arms or the forces....and with more conjugal visits :)

p.s. the car accident photo is from a long time ago, jsut trying to get your attention...tee hee

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