Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well folks... just thought I should update you on the status of our existence. We made a flying trip to SLC/Provo last weekend to go and retrieve our stuff out of storage. It has been in storage since April! It was a fast trip but all went smoothly. We had the help of Gary, Nick, and Frank! Thanks you guys! We appreciate it. I listened to the book A Clockwork Orange in the truck on the way there and back... VERY good read. I loved it.

We arrived in Las Vegas and Harrison had quite a few people from our new ward that were there to help unload our truck. YAY. I was late getting back to Las Vegas, but I was so happy to see all of our stuff in the house.

We have been unpacking and Harrison has been fixing little things here and there to get the house functioning smoothly. I am so happy to have OUR stuff back and especially MY washer and dryer. HA.

The cats are adapting well and I really think they LOVE the open spaces at the new house. Quite a space change from a small cracker jack apartment to a 2 story abode.

We are anxious to have visitors, so please come and see us. We have plenty of space and plenty of bathrooms :)



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