Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our New Home

Here is our new house from the street. We live on a busier street that could seem a little scary. We do live between a pawn shop and an extended stay motel. We feel really safe though. We have not had any problems so far and the people around seem to be pretty nice.

This is our TV/Guest room. This room has many purposes. It is used for guests (see the air mattress rolled up to the side), it is used for our TV and video game room, and I use it for my workout room too (that is why the mattress is rolled up).

This is the computer and music room. There is enough room for the computer and for all of Harrison's instruments. We have our log bed stored in here for now as well. We are trying to sell it... any takers?

We are so happy to have more than a closet for a bathroom. It also has a bit of storage space in it as well.

This is our bedroom. It is right off of the living room (don't mind the laundry on the floor). The room is a really good size for us and as you can see, there are lots of windows. There is NO sleeping in while in this room. The sun is gleaming through the glass at about 8am if you are ready for it or not.

This is our living room. It is HUGE! We had enough room to have a good sized sitting room and make a small dining room behind the sofa. We realized that we did not have that many pieces of furniture as soon as we moved into this larger space. I think we will have to invest in some new items soon.

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