Saturday, September 19, 2009

Facial hair

Howdy folks,
Harrison here, just wallowing in the all too expected loss of BYU to FSU....Not really, that was pretty much a given loss. It is funny when speculation about games is on TV. Shouldn't a game between a team that is ranked #7 in the nation and a team that is not even in the top 25 teams in the nation be a non-issue? Unless of course everyone knows that that #7 team doesn't really deserve to be ranked so high. And as such it becomes fun to discuss who will win said game, which it just so happens was the team that was not even ranked....hmmm.

Anyway on to better things. On the note of BYU let's discuss why I am actually writing this post. After I graduated from BYU I felt the need to grow me a Grizzly Adams-type beard. Which is what I did.

Shortly after this photo was taken I trimmed my beard and along with it, my hair. (because a smaller beard made my hair look a little gay so long).

I personally was very disappointed with this haircut because I told the lady to leave it 1in long on the top and 1/2 in on the sides, but it came out the same length all around. Of course it was impossible for her to put the hair back on my head so I told her I was satisfied and promptly left. I got used to it though and I had to keep better tabs on my beard length as it seems to grow much faster than my normal hair.

But today I finally felt like my hair was a good length on the top so I could get the sides cut down again. So I went to Supercuts and got me a trim.
Along with this trim I have been contemplating a beard overhaul to prepare for some official photos Jaala and I are getting taken next weekend. So as always I decided to have a little fun with it for a minute.

minutes after this photo I finished off the beard and left some somewhat conservative "chops" reminiscent of our newly married days.

I am satisfied with this look. But I do think the beard makes me look older and the non-beard makes me look younger. Plus the beard made me look a lot tougher. Right?


Jordan and Robyn said...

Aww, you look like a child.

Jaala said...

WOAH WOAH!! You didn't tell me that you SHAVED IT OFF!!!! What a shock when I opened the blog! Wow! I forgot how you looked without it :)

Anonymous said...

You totally should have left the chops looked just like James Hetfield from Metallica.