Monday, April 8, 2013

Well let's talk about things I love

Well- I thought I would share what I love these days:

This.  I love Garth Brooks AND George Strait.  Both of them together last night at the ACM Awards was pretty awesome.  Nothing beats REAL country music (which has long been dead since about 2001)

Something else I love is a Sprinkles cupcake.  AMAZING!  Don't try to argue with me.  You will not win.  They are the best cupcakes IN THE UNIVERSE.  No- I am serious.  They are amazing.  And the best part is... very soon I will no longer have to drive 300 miles to partake in one.  A Sprinkles is opening in Las Vegas this year!  No joke- I kind of teared up when I heard the announcement.

I am also digging Mad Men season 5.  We don't have cable and so we have to wait SUCH A LONG TIME for the past seasons to show up on Netflix.  The show is such a soap opera but it has amazing sets and costumes.  And I have a crush on Rodger Sterling.

I am beginning to be obsessed with succulent plants.  I mean- they are the best plants ever pretty much. They don't need much care, they are beautiful, and there are so many varieties that it is insane!

Trail Mix.  My love for trail mix comes and goes in waves.  When I want trail mix it is ALL I WANT! Morning, noon, and night I want the mix.  I have been particularly fond of the Costco brand trail mix because it has cashews.

I also love our cats.  A lot.  They bring such joy to my life.  They are our fur babies.  I love that even though they are animals, they have distinct personalities and sometimes I think they act like human children.  Hey- don't judge!  I am not a weirdo.  I bet if you talked to anybody that loves their pets, they think the same thing.  Our cats are great.  Be jealous that they are not your cats.

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