Sunday, August 23, 2009

Newport 09

It was time for our annual trip to California to visit the beach this year. We went to my parents' time share in Newport Beach this time, and we both ended up pretty sunburned. Jordan and Robyn were there which made it a little more fun. We forgot our camera every time we went to the beach though and as such we have very few photos of the time actually at the beach.

We were all going to go out for dinner for "date night" on Saturday, but decided that it would be more affordable to make our own steaks at home, which it was, and more fun too. So we took a photo of the fam that was there to enjoy the evening.

In the spirit of our 4th of July photos I wanted to do more time exposure shots, since I love them. This is one of the resultant photos of that photo session.

These last two were our attempts at getting a beach scene drawn with sparklers. Our sparkler work needs a little honing but you get the idea.

This is Jordan and Robyn and us at Balboa beach, which has become our favorite beach in the Newport area. This was the first day, before any of us had gotten any sun. Jaala is now a healthy brown and even I have some decent color (due in part to the 4 day camping trip I went on directly following our return from Newport).

And that concludes our pictures from Newport this year. We are hoping to be able to get a beach house of our own to rent someday, since there are tons of them in the area. Here's hopin'


Jaala said...

Boy... am I short or what??

Noah said...

You should of told me you were going to be in the area, we live about 30 minutes from Newport.