Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

We went to my Grandparent's cabin this weekend near Grand Junction, CO and we had a pretty good time. The cabin is always nice to go to for relaxation and avoidance of tons of people. We spent Friday-Sunday at the cabin and on Saturday night had a small fireworks show which included taking the above six-second exposure with sparklers. From left to right we have Jordan, Kali's Friend Tasia, Jaala, Kali, and Robyn. I love doing time exposure shots because they always turn out so awesome looking. So here are a couple of others:

This is Jordan drawing around Robyn

This is Robyn making a star

This is Jaala's attempt at a design, not sure what though :)

This is when everyone decided to take advantage of the opportunity to relaxate

I was feeling quite greasy not having taken a shower in a day and being in the wilderness and all so I wet my hair down and put my beard to use for a little comic relief.

On the 4th we got all the folks together for a photo. This is all my brothers and step brothers, and my step-dad Dennis.

This is my mom and two of her cousins. I basically put this on here because she complains that I never mention my family on the blog. So here is my WONDERFUL mom. Thank you mom, I love you mom. You're the greatest mom!

and this is the whole fam-damily that was up at the cabin including step bro's and all their children. And the lady to whom we owe most of our lives and especially the cabin my mom's mom, my grandma.

You may have to click on this photo to read what is on the tree, but it is a carving dated 6/29/38 from my Grandpa, Lawrence Aubert. Jordan pointed out that this carving was done when my G-pa was only 18, before he met my grandma, before the cabin existed and long before any of us existed. Pretty awesome to think about my teenage grandpa carving this with probably none of these things in mind. Just carving for carving's sake and now we are here to enjoy all of his hard work.


Jaala said...

don't hate on my "design".... it is art... and that is all I wanted it to be!

Carolina Griffith said...

The sparkler pictures are freaking awesome!

Sweet Jane said...

Great post Harrison. What an awesome family story. I eat that stuff up. Now shave the beard you beatnik! ;)