Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Hitching of Curtis and Holly

What a jolly ol' time we had in Omaha, Nebraska for the hitching of my brother, Curtis, to his new wife, Holly. The entire trip is one for the record books. From the moment I left Provo, UT to embark on this once in a lifetime adventure, things were funny.

First off, Harrison and I missed our flights to and from Omaha. We were less than an hour early (53 minutes to be exact) and so the Las Vegas Airport would not check our bags. So we were not able to make our 12:50am flight and had to go home and sleep for a few hours and come back to make a 7:00am flight..... ANNOYING!

We finally made it to Omaha in just enough time to check into our hotel, shower our airplane sweated bodies, and get to the temple for family photos.

The sealing was amazing and I am pretty dang happy for my brother, Curtis.

Curtis and Holly Gladden

Me doing what I do best (bossing people around)
My entire family (including my grandparents).. I have a large family... let me list them off to you:
Harve and Beth (grandma and grandpa)
Nancy and Charles (mom and dad)
Jaala and Harrison
Charlie and Shawna
Curtis and Holly

Here are some fun photos of the day:

Me and my sisters ended up wearing very similar shoes. Very fun!

Brok and Westley

Harrison and I.... this is the real photo from our last post (pre photoshop)

Charlie's Angels.... No really... my dad's name is Charlie!

After the sealing, we all went to downtown Omaha (which was actually quite lovely) and ate a family meal at SPAGHETTI WORKS. It was super fun. We laughed and yucked it up big time.

Laura, Brok, and Westley drank almost an enitre pitcher of Mr. Pibb while at the restaurant. It was super funny. They had tummy aches and the burps for hours afterwards.

After the Spaghetti Works fun... we went to my family's hotel to visit for a few mintues before we had to head back to our own hotel to get some shut eye before our 5am flight the next morning. While chatting in my parents/grandparents room a disgusting cockroach decided to scurry around the room! GROSS... so... my family checked out of the roach motel and went to another... quite lovely hotel instead.

Harrison and I got back to our hotel and packed up our things so we would be all ready to leave at 3am to get to the airport on time. Harrison set his alarm and we bedded down for the night. I woke up a short time later (or so I thought) and I felt quite rested. I had only had a few hours of sleep... why did I feel so rested?? OH NO!!!!!! The alarm clock read 6:17am. Our flight had departed an hour ago... without us! So we scurried around getting the last of our things together to get to the airport to get on another stand by flight.

Well, we were able to spend the rest of the morning/afternoon with my family while we waited for our next flight. We ate breakfast at Denny's (a family tradition). It started POURING rain and I didn't want my hair getting wet. So, I put on this fancy schmancy bonnet (channeling my inner Laura Ingalls) to keep my hair dry while running from the truck to the restaurant.

After starting our wonderful meal at Denny's I went to take a gulp of milk that I had with my meal. Right as I was taking a drink, my brother Charlie asked my Mom to taste his milk because he thought there was something wrong with it.... then I gulped. OH NO!!! The milk had gone sour. I tried to spit out as much as I could but it was too late. My gag reflex had already kicked in and I ran around the restaurant like a crazy lady trying to find the bathroom. To make a long story short... when I emerged out of the bathroom, it was as if I didn't eat anything at all... hee hee.

We finally made it to the airport and made it home to Las Vegas. When we got to the airport, Harrison convinced me to put my first dollar into a slot machine. YES ITS TRUE... I HAVE NEVER GAMBLED BEFORE.... EVEN THOUGH I SPENT THE FIRST 19 1/2 YEARS OF MY LIFE IN LAS VEGAS.
Well, I hit the button and WON!!!!!! YAHOO!

Hey... winning is winning! I don't care that it was only $4.

A trip well worth attending.


Amy said...

4 dollars is more than I've ever won!

Hilary Jan said...

I love Omaha I am glad you enjoyed it. Why Nebraska?