Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of my worst fears... came true!

So, Harrison and I bought a small deep freezer when I moved into Nick and Joy's house so I would be able to keep all of our meat and frozen food that we bought. Well, I went out for the first time today to get some chicken nuggets out for dinner... and.... OH NO... What is that smell???

The deep freeze wasn't on. Everything in the freezer was rotted and smelled like death. I would guess that there was close to $200 worth of meat and veggies in that freezer... not to mention Harrison's grandmother's wonderful peach jam! DANG!!!

Well, I started to investigate and it turns out that the GFI outlet that the freezer was plugged into had tripped sometime in the last few weeks, but we didn't know it.

I am totally bummed. I got the freezer back on that I will let the food freeze again before emptying it. The smell is just more than I can handle. I now know what a rotting body smells like for sure. So, next week I will have to shut it down again and scrub it down and disinfect the thing.

Well, that is my life update for now... note to self... check the freezer every couple of days!


Harrison said...

should've posted some photos

Jaala said...

I couldn't post photos because I couldn't handle the stench... and Nick wouldn't come out to take any... oh well.