Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Dam Trip

Jaala was in town this weekend so we fulfilled a 5 year promise to return to the Hoover Dam when we could walk across it. You see, when we were dating we visited Vegas and went to the dam but it was night time, and thanks to the Taliban no one is allowed to walk on the damn (er dam) after dark. So we went when the sun was out so the 60 year old security guards could see that we had no bombs to flood the culturally vital Boulder City. Sarcasm aside however the dam is pretty dam impressive. The other cool thing is that they are building a bypass bridge right next to the dam so the aforementioned AARP members have fewer potential bombers to worry about and also so travel between Vegas and anywhere southeast of Vegas is quite a bit faster. Jaala didn't bring the nice camera from Utah so please bear with the cellphone photos.

Ok, although we said we weren't terrorists, I guess I could be confused for the Unabomber in this one.

and here is Jaala pondering taking a ride down the face of the dam and how dam awesome it would be.....seriously think about would be going so fast by the time you got to the bottom....awesome.

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Maddie said...

HARRISON! when did you grow that crazy beard!! I bet all the kids and families you work with are a bit shocked when they open their doors : ) that's awesome though. I told Dan that after the wedding he's allowed to grow his beard back..but not quite to your proportions : ) hope you guys are doing well!