Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Joys of Jo-Town

So last weekend I was so flattered and overjoyed when Jane and Rodger P (remember I don't put last names) invited me to their family summer home in Joseph, Utah (near Richfield, UT if any of you are familiar with that area). It was an amazing 24 hours! The house is amazing as well as the company I had.

This is the view from the front porch. So pretty!

The house is on the Utah Historical Registry. It is so amazing. The Victorian style home is one of my absolute favorites.

This is the bedroom I stayed in. Bedroom number 4.

All of the bedrooms were numbered. I thought it was very cute.

Even the bathroom was labeled. You can't be too careful when it comes to walking into a room.... knowing what you are walking into is a MUST.... ha.

I loved a lot of the details of the house. Little things here and there that did my heart good.

The evening I got to Joseph we went for a 30 mile ATV ride. It was super cold and at one point I felt like my fingers were frost bitten... I forgot a hoodie and gloves and I paid for it dearly!!!!

Me and Ellie after the ride! SEXY!

Jane was a little timid when it came to driving the ATV, so I hopped on front and drove around the mountains.


I have finally found friends to play games with!!! The P's were all about playing the card games! I was so happy! It was very friendly competition.....

I had the pleasure of watching Gary and Amanda's dog, Emma, for a week and so I took her with me to Jo-Town. She loved it. I had so much fun being her "mommy" for a week.

Rocco and Emma had fun... not really with each other... but they had fun in their own separate ways.

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. I am already planning with Jane to go back this summer when it is a little warmer so we can float the canal and be lazy.. or as we like to call it "pillows with eyes".

I am so thankful for the P-Family's friendship. It means so much to me.


weezwhetten said...

NO WAY that is the P's house??? That house makes me DROOL! I have always wanted to go inside it! I am so completely jealous right now!!!!

Glad you had fun though!

Sweet Jane said...

Thanks for coming with Jaala! It was super fun! Thanks for driving the ATV too! We will go again soon!

irreverentgurl said...

Oh my heck!! I am drowning in jealousy... I think I had better go to bed now and cry.

He he... just kidding. Well, kind of. What a wonderful weekend!!! And... the Riggs are super-duper card players, so when we all get together (and we will), it will be so much FUN!

Sweet Jane said...


Britt and Rick said...

I can't believe you were In Joseph Utah.My Grandpa's home is like 5 minutes away from Joseph. It's a ranch on a street with three homes and cattle. I love going up there and riding quads, horses and fishing. I didn't think anyone went there!!