Friday, June 12, 2009

Harrison's Thankful Thursday

So I have a thankful Thursday of my own. Mainly so I can post this hilarious video but I am thankful nonetheless:

Bean Family-my surrogate family here in Vegas, I have my own little room and they respect my privacy

Cormac McCarthy-Brought along two of his books, I have read them both before but they are still great reads.

Brain Age 2-Nintendo DS game that gets me through the large amount of ME time that I have.

Josh and Heather-despite the fact that I was unable to make their first dinner invitation they invited me over for another. It is hard for Jaala and I to find this kind of sticking power in friends that we make, usually after one failed attempt at social interaction the thread is lost never to be found again. Plus their kids "flap" which is an Allen family tradition, (see the post about Jordan's wedding). And finally their chihuahua/jack russell mix loves to make unabashed doggy love to his blanket: (Que movie)

1 comment:

Jaala said...

I can't believe you finally got him on camera! Oh that dog!