Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Round of Thankful Thursday Please

And what a Thankful Thursday it is. This last week has been SO LONG. It has felt like 3 weeks rolled into one... not good. So, I have been reflecting on the things that I have been thankful for this past week.

Differences of opinion
I know... hard to believe that I would be thankful for a difference of opinion. I am. I had a conversation with some of my co-workers this morning on the value of books and different authors. We all have very different opinions. This is why I love working with these people. It is so wonderful to learn and embrace their differences. I love to learn about what makes people "tick". I think its good to work and be friends with people so similar to you yet so different... does this even make sense??

Camera Phones
Something I don't think about often, but I am thankful for these handy devices. Last weekend (click here for the post) I traveled to Las Vegas to see Harrison for a long weekend. We visited the Hoover Dam... it has been 5 years since I have been over there. Anyway, we both decided that I wouldn't bring the good camera on this particular trip and so when we got to the Dam and so many awesomely cool things, we were sad that the camera was not at our side. So we took pictures with our phones. Amazing technology, really.

The weather here in Utah has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL the last week. Breath-taking really. Not too hot, not too cold. It is perfect weather to get out and see the blooming peonies, roses, and daisies on a morning or evening stroll. There is not much I like about Utah, but this weather has been amazing.

Pink Toes
I gave myself a pedicure last week and chose to paint my little piggies HOT PINK. I have quite enjoyed them. Something small and insignificant some might say, but a set of hot pink toes can do a heart good. Yes indeed.

Horizon Ward
This ward is the ward I grew up in. While in Las Vegas, I attended this ward. It was AMAZING. There were so many good friends that were there. I was so happy to see them. The ward has changed quite a bit, but I was so excited to see some of my former youth leaders and good family friends.

Well, this concludes this weeks edition. I am thankful for so much, but when I sit down to write these blog posts, it seems that everything escapes my pea-brain.

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hwscutie said...

Sorry I didn't make it to Horizon Ward to see you, 9AM is so early on the weekends. This weekend I really need to go since it's a "farewell" for Trent Hall and I bet most of his fam will be there and I want to catch up with them as well, too bad your visit wasn't this weekend. Soon enough though you'll be living here. Are you guys going to look for a house to live in?