Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots of new things... so much to update!

As you can see from these photos,we are very happy here in Las Vegas. Just before I "officially" moved to Las Vegas (after being a stay-at-home-mom for a week to my nephew and nieces) we had a photo shoot with a former co-worker of mine, **David Daniels. He has such an artistic eye for photos and it was a no brainer that we had him do us the honors of taking our first set of photos since our wedding (almost 5 years ago). By the way... we were featured on his website this last week... YAY (details at the end of this post)

Harrison is still loving his job. He is working with at-risk youth (teenagers) in the valley as a mentor to help with their social skills. After lots of prayers, resumes, applications, and searching (I sent about 90 applications in all) I landed me a job. I have been in my job for about a week. It is very busy but I believe it will be very rewarding. I got a job at Feller Orthodontics as a Treatment Coordinator. I am the one you see when you first get to the office for your consultation. YAY. I am also doing some Marketing/PR/Events stuff (which is right up my alley). It is going to take me a little bit of time to learn the technical side of this new field but I am sure I will be fine in another couple of days.

No news on a new house yet. DANG IT!!! The house that we put an offer on in July is at a halt right now due to some things that are out of our control. We have put offers in on some other homes as well and so we hope that something turns out positive for us before the tax credit deadline (cross your fingers).

Well, I think that is our updates for now. The weather is starting to cool off in Las Vegas.... DANG. I am still in shorts and flip flops during the day but I need a light sweater in the morning. I heard it already snowed in Utah, so I am thankful we got out of there in time to miss all of that!

I will post more photos of our photo shoot later as well as more updates.

**If you would like to learn more about David's photography or have him photograph your family/event/or other stuff... here are his links:


Jodi said...

Great pictures Jaala! (And Harrison)

Good luck with the housing situation!

Maddie said...

those pictures are so good! I love them! and ditto on the housing sitch! hope you find one soon

Clarrisa said...

Hello gorgeous!!! Your teeth are so, so beautiful! Love them! Ha ha, I wrote that other post before I read this so now I know about your job too. Talk to you later tater!