Monday, October 12, 2009

My new favorite beauty product!

So, I have a new job which requires me to be professional at all times... which means I need to have my make-up done and clothes ironed everyday. Well... my new favorite beauty product is Clinique Touch Base for Eyes. I put it on before I put my eye shadow on and my eye shadow stays on ALL day! No joke. No joke at all! It starts to melt after about 12 hours... but hey... 12 hours is awesome. I have very oily eyelids and so this has been a miracle product. So here is a link (clique here) to get some of your own... it's only $14.50 and it should last at LEAST 3 months. Anyway, I thought I would share with you my new finding.


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Clarrisa said...

This is a great product. MAC and Bobbi Brown also have similar products that I love. Where did you get a job at? How are you loving Vegas?