Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 Months in Vegas

The 18th of November marked 6 months that we have been here in Vegas, we celebrated that day by getting a place of our own. We still haven't gotten a house but we just needed to get a place to ourselves that we could actually call ours. So in classic Jaala and Harrison style we made the decision to move on Tuesday evening and had our stuff moved in on Wednesday evening. When we had all our stuff ready to load up it was amazing that it all fit into one little room.

This is the room we had, with most of our stuff moved out.

This is all the stuff. Not the chairs or the TV but most of the luggage and boxes and stuff is ours.

We are now in a 1bd apartment which is great because it is ours (sort of) and we don't have to feel like we are infringing on anyone's life. We are still trying to get a house closed, so that is still on the horizon. We have about three weeks until we will know if we are going to get the place or not.

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Jane said...

Hey Pill! Thanks for the pix. I love the birdcages...someone told me its 2 stories of goodness. True?