Sunday, December 13, 2009

What we've been up to

Well, we've had a few folks ask why we haven't blogged and what the heck we do in our spare time here in Vegas. We don't have a lot of spare time (which is good because we are working really hard :) and stuff) but I thought I would post about a few of the date nights and date days we have had the last little while. ***Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken with my cell phone, so sorry about the poor quality.

Who knew that there was a pinball hall of fame? I sure didn't. Harrison found this little gem while he was trying to find fun things to do with his clients. He found this place and a day or so after he took his client, we went for a date night. It was super fun.

There were pinball machines there from as early as the 1940's. They also had brand new ones that came out this past year. There are easily 200 + pinball machines at this place. The other cool thing about The Pinball Hall of Fame is that there are all types of people that are there. There were older biker dudes and young kids and hipster teenagers and twenty-somethings there as well. It was really cool to see all walks of life at this place.

When I was growing up here in Las Vegas, The Strip was always someplace we went when a new cool casino opened or when family came into town. It has only been recently that I have changed that mentality and decided that we can go to The Strip anytime we want to... and we do. There are TONS of free or inexpensive things to do (if you look hard or are aware of them) in this part of town. Here are a couple of pictures of Harrison and I at the Mirage "Volcano Show" one night.

Window shopping is one of my favorite (free) things to do on The Strip and in town. I love all of the window displays the stores have. It seems that the same type stores try to outdo their competitors with the window displays which makes it exciting to see every few months.

I had this planned as a date one night, but I had wrong information, and by the time we got to the museum it was closed for the night (boo). So, we went another day and had a good time. Anybody who knows us, knows that we love cars. So there wasn't a second thought about going to the museum (especially since I found free pass coupons on the Internet). I used to go to this museum like once a year with my family when I was growing up... and it was just as fun as a grown-up as it was as a kid (although there wasn't a DeLorean this time (which used to be my favorite)... most of the cars are for sale, so most of them come and go). Here are a few cool things we saw.

The Shelby GT 500 is one of my fav's

This was a cool display. Johnny Carson's car is in this museum and it has a really cool story to go along with it. I won't bore you with the story (since I took a picture of the story... so read it yourself).

I just had to add this photo of the Dodge Viper because I love them and so does my brother. I took this photo and emailed it to him to make him jealous. Harrison and I think its pretty cool to live in a REAL city. A city with no limits or stops. We see pretty awesome (and very expensive) cars all the time. It just goes to show you that people around this town have REAL money to spend. Even though the economy in Las Vegas is one of the worst in the country right now, the folks who have the real money want to flaunt it for sure!

Well, this is just a peek into the life of Jaala and Harrison and what we do here in Vegas. We haven't had the chance to hang out with any friends really, but we don't let that get us down. We LOVE being with each other and hanging out with each other!


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Clarrisa said...

Looks fun Jaala! I'm glad to hear things are going well! What's the news with the house hunting?