Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harrison time

As part of the student loans we will get in the fall there is a stipend for a new computer. The computer Jaala uses is as old as our marriage and is finally beginning to show its age. Jaala has decided she wants a laptop, but now the question is which computer will fit her computer usage style better.


Jaala is close to choosing a Macbook air for its cool factor, quickness, and portability. I know this is a first world problem but does anyone have any advice for switching over to macs or not switching? or any other pertinent information.



Brittany said...

I switched to Mac 8 years ago and will never look back. Love 'em! They're user friendly, no viruses, and I've maybe had maybe 5 pop ups in the past year. :) Just keep in mind that the Air doesn't have a CD drive (I don't think so anyway). Look into the new 13 inch Macbook pro, it's similar in price and much more powerful! :)

Harrison said...

Thanks for the tips Brittany! They have actually solved the no cd drive problem, with the ability to "borrow" the cd-drive of other computers on a shared network. We'll keep other stuff in mind though.

Robyn said...

I like mine, and it's perfectly fine after 5 years. But one tip, buy everything from the Apple store, they wont help you with Apple stuff that has been bought at other stores like Best Buy. If something goes wrong with their product, they consider it the store's problem, not theirs.

It does definitely take some getting used to, if Jaala's not a fan of her computer at work, she should stick with a PC.

Steph said...

Like the pictures! I went through this about a year ago and ended up getting a super nice HP--I had really good experience with my previous one and didn't feel like learning a whole new operating system. I'm really happy with it, however one of the BIG reasons that I didn't end up going with a mac was for school stuff--I just heard too many horror stories in undergrad of people not being able to share word docs and stuff like that. Since Jaala won't be having to deal with all that, maybe she might want to try the macbook? Both my sisters have macs and they love them...either way I bet you can't go wrong!